“Desperate And Critical”: Sister Roma Defends Chi Chi LaRue’s Rehab GoFundMe

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DSC01690In response to an overwhelming amount of negative criticism from readers here and pretty much everywhere online, Sister Roma is coming out in defense of longtime friend Chi Chi LaRue and the GoFundMe created to pay for her rehab. Via Sister Roma’s Facebook:

I’m going to post this because I have a dear friend who was in crisis and is finally seeking treatment. Someone I love needs help. Sometimes we need to ask for help, there’s nothing wrong with that.

I’m going to post this because life is tough and we all make poor decisions. I have, you have, everyone has. That’s life.

I’m going to post this because alcoholsim is a disease. Addiction is real. Some people need major help to live through it. Some don’t make it out alive.

All I ask is that you refrain from making any negative comments. You are entitled to your opinion but kicking someone when they are down is weak, petty and shameful. Especially when you are making assumptions about someone and something you know nothing about.

If you really had any idea what Chi Chi has been going through for the past 4-5 years – If you had any IDEA of how desperate and critical her condition has been – you’d understand that she does not have the money to pay for treatment herself.

You’d also know that at the time of her intervention she was in NO CONDITION to make any decisions regarding her treatment. Chi Chi did not choose Hazeldon – it was decided for her. So don’t accuse her of being a diva or being to grand to go to a shelter or some other place for free care. The fact is that she is there and embracing the program. There is hope.

After this initial stage of treatment is complete there will be drastic changes – it will not be glamorous, it will not be easy, and it will not be cheap. There are major expenses in addition to treatment.

Obviously you don’t have to donate if you don’t want to but please don’t spew vitriolic hatful comments on my profile page. Thanks.

It’s still baffling to me that LaRue hasn’t been able to obtain any funds from her myriad businesses (the retail store, the porn studios, etc.) or her wealthy celebrity friends, but at the same time, knowing how proud Chi Chi is, I don’t believe she’d be asking for money like this unless she truly had no other option. As of post time, the GoFundMe is at around $9,400, which is less than 25% of the $40,000 goal.

  • sxg

    Sister Roma would come to the defense of Mike Dozer if he escaped jail just to come over her place to shit on her head and set her cats on fire. Or dogs.

    But Chi Chi is at a point where she truly has no other option. It would make more sense for her to ask her friends for a loan BEFORE she has a GoFundMe account created for her. And as you mentioned she knows A LOT of celebrity friends she could ask for a loan. I’m sure Andy Cohen would be more than willing to help her out.

    • Zachary Sire

      dude…what the fuck?

    • Sister Roma


    • Wow. The visual of prison escapee Mike Dozier shitting on Sister Roma’s head and setting her pets on fire was not I needed, albeit hysterical (I have a fucked up sense of humor). As much as it would traumatize her, can you imagine the news coverage? sxg, you need to write for dlisted.com. That was pure Michael K brilliance right there.

    • Mimi Bahl

      Once again sxg you spew putrid conjecture based on your asinine assumptions. Very little which comes out of your mouth is based on truth & reality.


  • meee611

    I’m with Roma. If people don’t want to donate, don’t! It’s just that simple. Spewing hate on anyone, or at anyone that has nothing to do with you, or isn’t hurting anyone, just makes the poster look stupid. As mentioned last night Zach, people need to get a life!

  • Stephen

    As someone who had a few stints in a psychiatric ward, it is true that changing therapists can be bad for a patient. He might have been able to afford the first month but didn’t foresee treatment extending beyond one month. I understand that. Y’all are so judgmental.

    • McM.

      I can see that. I have been a part of interventions, and know things have to move fast. Unless someone in the circle knows of local services it is typical to book the most reputable and publicized center – those tend to be expensive.

      Sister Roma brought up that Chi Chi did not choose the center, but I have to also recognize those who did were probably operating from a standpoint of well-meaning ignorance. Those of us who have never needed treatment have no idea of the options available or what will serve the individual we want to help.

  • Ayda

    I’m going to ask this: Is there a institution or foundation who help people dealing with this issues for free?

    • Russell47

      Yes, but you would have to be on some form of public assistance. Like welfare or SS Disability. My question is didn’t Chi Chi buy older studios & their backlogs of films (Catalina & Studio 2000 come to mind).I’d think there’d be a way to sell some of these movies. Many are what we would term “classics” Would there be no market for these? I’m even thinking of someone like Geffen or that Donald Burns creep, who should have the $$ & the interest to buy them

  • James

    It’s sad that this got double the hate compared to the twink who had the gofundme for a bed. Seriously this a real issue/problem and yet people still can’t refrain from judging. Regardless of what I or anyone else believes about Chi Chi’s financial situation, we should at least be kind enough not to kick her while she’s down.

  • FooFight

    Look, I understand the critical situation Chi Chi is in. I understand the grip of addiction and the urgency that comes with getting someone help before they permanently fall off the cliff . But the reality is that Chi Chi has advantages the vast majority of people don’t – namely her notoriety. Without that, she’d have to find a way to pay her own way through rehab, like thousands of other similarly afflicted people do. And while I don’t begrudge her seeking help via a public donation site, I resent that those who choose not to support her financially are regarded as soulless trolls intent on witnessing someone’s failure. I wish Chi Chi the best, but I have complete faith that she’ll find a way to pay her debt without the kindness of complete strangers.

    • James Withers

      “I resent that those who choose not to support her financially are regarded as soulless trolls intent on witnessing someone’s failure.”

      Please cease with the concern trolling and read what Sister Roma wrote. Don’t want to donate? Fine. All Roma asks is people keep “vitriolic hatful comments” on the down low, especially considering how few of us have any details. And I’m not suggesting you have made those statements. However, stop with the drama about being tagged a “soulless troll.”

      • FooFight

        Oh, my.

  • Todd

    You can silently state your objection to this GoFundMe campaign, by simply not donating. As Zach states very well in the last paragraph above, while the need for the request is baffling and it is fair to wonder how or why, none of us knows the true state of anyone else’s finances ………… so unless, when she is well and healthy, Chi Chi ever wishes to share her ‘hit bottom’ story ………..donate or don’t ………… but cruelty doesn’t help.

  • Webslinger
  • n24rc

    I’m going to start a gofundme account for me to go to rehab… in a ferrari.

  • Bradster

    So what SR is saying is that Chi Chi somehow miraculously landed on the steps of Hazeldon and was then forced to stay there?

    Whoever the “friends” are who chose this place to stick her in should be footing the bills instead of begging for funding from strangers online.

    • slipperyslope

      Good point. I wish her all the best in the world and I would never disparage someone for seeking treatment, but is the general public on the hook for picking up the tab when her friends decided she needed to be in a facility that costs that much? This is not said in a ‘negative’ manner, simply an observation.

  • Myko

    Didn’t her shop relocate across the street recently !
    Who paid for the shop move ?

    “she was in NO CONDITION to make any decisions regarding her treatment” – but she was able to make a video and post it online !!

    “you are making assumptions about someone and something you know nothing about” – but you still have the cheek to beg us for money

    “Sometimes we need to ask for help, there’s nothing wrong with that” – there is when you are sitting on a bucket load of (porn) assets which could be sold to pay for your treatment

    “Chi Chi did not choose Hazeldon – it was decided for her” YOU as her friend should have realised she could not afford treatment there and found alternatives.

    It appears that most of the people in the porn industry live in the porn fantasy land. They need to look in the mirror, have a word with themselves and get a reality check.

  • yaoirabbit

    Don’t group all of the critics into the same category. Because me, I never made hateful comments. I specifically said donors should be treated to DVDs or at the very least, access to the C1R website. And I stand by that opinion regardless of what anyone thinks.

  • czer

    I’m curious about the tax status of GFM donations. Would the funds not be considered taxable income by the IRS? Someone collects nearly 10k on line for rehabilitation, or whatever and they don’t have to report it? Makes little sense to me that the government would not try to get a cut. Furthermore, can the donors take a deduction for their contributions? All this GFM seems murky to me, like one big fundraising scam vehicle.

    • slipperyslope

      I’m really curious about that, as well.

      Anyone know?

    • NickDC

      GoFundMe is essentially a grifter’s paradise: GoFundMe has not implemented any accountability tools to make sure that money raised is used for the stated purpose. While sites like Kickstarter require a campaign to meet it’s financial goal before the campaign’s organizers have access to the funds, with GoFundMe a campaign’s organizer can access the funds immediately after the donation is received. With GoFundMe one can easily accept donations under the guise that it is for the stated goal and then use that donation to pay for their Starbucks or groceries or their bar tab.

      Clearly GoFundMe needs to be scrutinized.

  • tjf1306

    Few things.. C1R has a few businesses and a few partners. So Chi Chi isn’t making as much $$$$ as everyone thinks he is. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t check with insurance before admitting him??? And he lives in SoCal but chose MN for treatment?? I know Chi Chi has family there so maybe thats why.. In the end , addiction is no joke especially if one has been battling it long term.

  • William

    Just goes to show, that while things may appear to be all glitz and glamour on the surface, unless we are close to that person or situation, no one really can know or appreciate what someone is going through. Keep being supportive Sister Roma…you are a TRUE friend, and that is what friends (and family) do! I love Marilyn Monroe and she had this little prayer kinda thing she would ask loved ones to say for her…”hold a good thought”….Well Miss Chi Chi, I and A LOT of others who have love and compassion in our hearts, ARE holding a good thought for you! You have been very sweet and nothing but kind to me on our interactions on twitter. God Bless you and in your recovery….LOTS of love, hugs and kiss-a-roonies, from me, Billy…and Canada! :) XOXO <3