Cum Tsunami Alert: Diego Sans Showers Carter Dane With Massive Load

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It’s only March, but the contest for 2016’s Best Cum Facials list already has its first entry:


I counted nine explosive ropes of cum being shot here, and as this post’s title indicates, the shooter is Diego Sans, Str8UpGayPorn’s current Best Gay Porn Star Of The Year.

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The lucky recipient of Diego’s cum tsunami is Canadian newcomer Carter Dane, and this is his very first gay porn scene. Letting Diego Sans cum all over your face (and in your hair!) is a great way to start any career.

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This scene is from’s new series “Men In Canada.”

No offense to Canadian readers, but is Canada a sexy enough destination to be the focal point of a gay porn series? With many Americans threatening to move there thanks to the horrifying reality of Donald Trump, I guess so.


These pictures were obviously staged and shot well after (or before) the actual fucking, and thus the load on Carter Dane’s face below is 100% fake. I love how they squirted the Cetaphil onto his face to make it look like he’s crying cum.

0024 0025Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Diego Sans Fucks Carter Dane]


  • NG212

    Cumshot looks great — as do both of these guys.

  • Todd

    Those poses …. LOL

    • Mike Julius

      The accuracy! LOL

    • Silver64

      I wish I could do that.

  • Scrapple

    I’m going to repeat myself and say Carter and Jack Hunter need to be paired up.

  • TheSagaOf

    Not sure about anyone else but I am very satisfied with Diego’s work as a top lately.

    • kkdd1

      Saga I agree he is a good top but with that amazing ass he just has 2 ride the pipe again !

  • sxg

    It’s amazing how much bigger Diego’s cumshots have gotten! He always shot a good load, but never have they been as explosive as they are now, and I’m loving it! I’m also loving his hairy look!

    As far as Canada goes, I wouldn’t exactly call the country or a lot of their cities sexy, but they are extremely welcoming and gay-friendly. I’ve been only to Toronto, been there twice and going for a third time in May. The city is just very welcoming and their residents are very friendly. You just feel so comfortable being there.

    Toronto has the largest gay pride in North America, larger than any gay pride in the US. The gayborhood is a bit simple looking but there are a ton of great restaurants and shops, as well as bars. All the bartenders I’ve had were all friendly, unlike some cunty ones I’ve met in various gay bars in the US. There are a ton of hot and in-shape guys in the gayborhood as well.

    Even though I love Toronto, I wasn’t planning on going back since there are other places I want to visit, but I’m going because I have a group friends from England who are DJs that are playing there, but also there is a couple in that group that are getting married at Niagara Falls so can’t miss a chance to see Niagara Falls for the first time, see my friends get married and then go off and see the other ones DJ. But after this time, that’s it no more Toronto lol. If I go back there, it’s only to move there because yea it’s a great place to live!

    • Silver64

      Toronto is OK, if you want the same thing as you find in the States…but come to Montreal if you really want to be sleazy…

      • sxg

        Fuck no! That’s where the Canadian G4P mecca is, and I’m steering clear of it. Besides, if I wanted a more French experience I’d visit the real thing in France rather than that mess!

        • Silver64

          Considering I work in one of the Saunas in Montreal,, the only place you find G4P is in the Strip Clubs..not the Bars or the Bathhouses…and Toronto has just as much G4P per capita…

    • Presiyan Vasilev

      Please go fuck your self with that fucking shit Diego Sans and that is porn or circus ? ? Fuck on table, fuck on chair fuck in air fuck everywhere but no like have to be and not so good if u make good porn. So if u like watch repeating scenes I can understand why u like him but I am pretty sure u r just like him dumbass. I only cant understand why WHY he is still in the porn industry he can cut and paste the scene and Idk how other much better look guys accepted to make something with this monkey-doneky face and that stupid idiotical looks

      • sxg

        Oh look who it is, it’s our favorite Bulgarian pile of shit!

        Diego is still in the porn industry because most of us like him, and the studios, pornstars directors he works for like him, and he’s a great performer. And he’s hot.

        How about you get into porn if you think you can do better than him? I’m sure gay porn would LOVE to have a shapeless cunty east European queen!

        • Presiyan Vasilev

          Ooo I feel so thankful to find my profile and I unlike u not hide from some stupid nicknames and not being stupid slut who takes every single cock in his asshole and his mouth. I can try yes and I am pretty sure can do better than him – why I have shoot like him so please little slut cunt go someone whi care about your stupid shitty comments. Why u not show something from your great and FAMOUS good looking body and amazing face?? haha FUCK U bitch

          • myothercarsthetardis

            Put the crack pipe down, dude…

          • Presiyan Vasilev


        • Presiyan Vasilev

          LIKE him hahaha very good what u said but I dont think that and cunt here is your mother and your daddy who fuck her so good that u born so amazing shit and whore looks :)

        • Presiyan Vasilev

          Hot haha u r mad I am 100 % sure firts he is definitely not hot … he is far from hot… second they like to work with him – u have asked them and u know u are so sure they all like to work with him.. for his direcor (men,com MarcMacnamara) is pleasure yeah I am sure I they fuck each other its obviously, that is why he and blogges share about him my dumb little slut.. third he is the most misrerable fucking bitch ever exist on world hes scenes are like some kind shit and u grabd them and eat it bc after all like eat shits and your parents are the same trash like you… so FUCK you

  • sans


    • Mike Julius

      Awesome gif. Don’t get it tho

      • sans

        It’s from a game called Undertale and a really good game I might add, you should play it one day I promise you won’t regret it.

        • Mike Julius

          Console? PC? I have a 360 and this PC and that is it.

          • sans

            PC it’s on steam.

          • Mike Julius

            Cool. I’ll check it out.

  • DrunkEnough

    The cum shot looks great, but everything else about these photos is posed, false-looking and overlit. This resembles a choreographed modern dance routine more than a sweaty, down-and-dirty fucking.

  • Dale Bergman

    That’s the kind of shower I want everyday…

    • Mike Julius

      Liked for the gif alone

  • sam my

    I guess I’m the only one that finds Diego to be a boring performer. I mean, he’s nice to look at, but that’s where it ends.

  • Dale Bergman

    Aww, why is Carter Dane is crying cum in the last shot?

  • Zealot

    Coming this Summer from Cock Vomit Press– “The Bravest Little Sperm”. Already a recipient of the coveted Golden Spooge Award, the reviews agree:

    Peter Donger of Shooters and Pooters Magazine calls it, “A divine glob of silky smooth product that just seems to flow off the page!”

    Max Amum of “It’s in My Eye!” blog, reports– “it’s like a wild ride up and down and up and down until…well, I’m not giving away the climax. It’s THAT good”.

  • Maximus

    Okay, Diego’s hair is now officially starting to worry me…

  • pje821

    My biggest disappointment with 90 percent of gay porn being produced these days (besides the poor technical quality and prevalence of those god-awful tattoos) is the tiny volume of cum most models shoot. To me there’s nothing hotter than a big, thick load to end a scene, because it’s the most definitively male sexual characteristic of them all. And it seems most models don’t bother saving it up or just can’t produce much. So when a model like Diego or Colby Keller comes along I’m very happy. Besides being handsome and beautifully sculpted, Diego is a more-than-adequate actor, and his massive loads are truly the icing on the cake.

  • Silver64

    “No offense to Canadian readers, but is Canada a sexy enough destination to be the focal point of a gay porn series?”

    Well Zach, I’ll assume you’ve never been to Montreal…where I’m from…but the men of Canada, Montreal in particular, are sexy as hell…you really should take a trip up here…

    Cockyboys, Videoboys, Maskurbate, Men of Montreal, even, ugh, Lucas Entertainment, Naked Sword, to name a few,all film here…and you’ve probably seen the strip videos from Stock Bar(across from where I work)

    But no offence taken…and the answer is Yes, Canada is a sexy enough destination…to visit, and to do a porn series.

  • Myko