EXCLUSIVE: See Johnny Rapid’s Mug Shot And Read The Police Report That Landed Him Behind Bars

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EXCLUSIVE: Last week, Str8UpGayPorn broke the exclusive story on the arrest of Men.com’s #1 gay porn star, Johnny Rapid. And now in another exclusive, Str8UpGayPorn brings you the Johnny Rapid mug shot (which looks eerily similar to Rapid’s “prison shower” gay porn photo, as seen above), as well as the Johnny Rapid police report.

Here’s Johnny Rapid’s mug shot after being booked by the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department:

johnny mug shotAs previously reported, Johnny Rapid was arrested following an alleged assault on his girlfriend. Rapid is accused of choking, shoving, and striking his girlfriend multiple times following an argument outside a Georgia bowling alley. Later, Rapid allegedly asked his mother for a gun and then left the scene. As noted in the below police report, the girlfriend (whose name has been redacted) was left bloodied with a large bump behind her ear. Also noted in the report, the alleged attack occurred after Rapid’s girlfriend refused to partake in a three-way sexual encounter with him and a 14-year-old Asian female they had met at the bowling alley.

incident1 incident2 incident3 incident4 Based on the alleged victim’s visible injuries, the officer obviously proceeded with charges and an arrest.

This story is developing.

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  • Hudsonman

    ordures blanc pur … pure white trash

    • yeah yeah


    • Luca

      he doesn’t really deserve the french 😛

  • Todd

    Here’s Johnny’s Girlfriend …..

  • Todd B

    Fucking prick has no sense of shame with that smirk on his face.

  • yeah yeah

    He clearly has no shame whatsoever after beating up his girlfriend. He’s white trash.

    • BlogZilla

      You people crack me up. He’s gotten fucked by what seems like every man that works for Men studios or on the planet perhaps, FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE, and you think he has a sense of shame????

  • n24rc

    People are not reading closely.

    The girlfriend doesn’t want to press charges!

    As I said before, if she had dignity, she would end this and press charges!

    In turn, I have no empathy or respect for her if she wants to be a doormat. I hope he punches her a few more times, maybe his mom too, and then they both can beat the shit of out him. Seriously, these people deserve eachother.

    • Todd B

      Not sure about Georgia, but in some states it doesn’t matter if the victim wants to press charges or not, they can still be arrested and put on trial.

      • Pearl Clutcher

        In my jurisdiction this almost never happens – at least in the misdemeanor cases I’ve seen. If the complaining witness doesn’t show up for court on trial day the prosecution moves to dismiss the domestic battery case.

        • n24rc

          As your comment would imply, I think the attempted statutory rape is the issue driving this and not the domestic abuse.

          • Pearl Clutcher

            The “attempted statutory rape” charge has no legs based on what I see in this police report. The responding officer didn’t identify, locate or interview the alleged 14 yr old Asian female. The girlfriend didn’t identify her either. I doubt a charge will be filed based solely on the girlfriend’s story. They’d need more proof than what we see in this police report.

      • n24rc

        My point wasn’t that they wouldn’t follow up, they have to as it is apart of their job. But rather it becomes problematic for them to charge for domestic battery; they could prosecute both of them for the attempted statutory rape, try to force testimony of the wife in the hopes that the charges of rape are dropped to get him more jail time.

        However, I don’t think they are going to do that, they are going to try to get him to take the lesser plea deal in exchange to avoid a trial.

    • dave1984

      “As I said before, if she had dignity, she would end this and press charges!” really? ??

      • n24rc

        No, I won’t. If you had reading comprehension skills you’d understand why.

        • dave1984

          you can’t gain entrance to law school by posting on porn blogs, dear

      • Mike Julius

        I’ll take a crack at it; he lacks empathy and likes to spout off about things about which he knows little.

      • BlogZilla

        dIGNITY? She’s with a porn star prostitute who takes dozens of dick up the ass and mouth for a living

    • zach

      The fact that nearly two months passed and they STILL carried out the arrest on 12/15 after the warrant was issued on or around 10/09 indicates to me that they are serious about prosecuting this, regardless of whether or not the girlfriend is cooperating.

      • marcus

        Zach is a regular Perry Mason on this shit.

      • Guest

        As usual … Not the first time at the Rodeo

      • n24rc

        It is clear that she doesn’t, and the officer has to proceed to press charges regardless of what happened.

        But I don’t know if the DA would have a case without her testimony and cooperation. They’d probably plead out the case and reduce the charges since it would be a financial burden to go to trial. Sometimes the district is poor to begin with, usually cases like this go away for the sake of a budget.

      • n24rc

        I think the attempted statutory rape is the issue driving this and not the domestic abuse.

  • Estelle

    I can’t believe he’s really 5’7. He had to be standing on a stool or on his toes.

    • sxg

      I’m surprised about his height as well, but mostly that he’s taller than what I thought.

  • dave1984
    • sxg

      Damn I think I need to go rewatch that scene tonight!

      • dave1984

        you mean you haven’t rewatched it since shit hit the fan? what’s wrong with you :) Seriously, his antics just made all his otherwise-kinda-average scenes relevant & hot. btw, what’s up with Rafael? One time, I couldn’t escape him & mainly his big dick but I’m kinda missing him & mainly his dick now. Don’t care too much for the fake ass but would be nice to see him pounded again, too

        • sxg

          Not yet. In honor of his arrest, tonight I’ll jerk off to every prison scene he’s been in.

          • dave1984

            It’s gonna be a looooong night , even if you could cum once per min. Any last wish? If sth happens to you, can I have your logins? 😉

          • sxg

            Logins? I closed my acct ages ago I got these scenes saved on my HD. besides, you can find his scenes easily on tube sites I’m sure.

          • dave1984

            I meant your logins on blogs. Just found out you’re quite famous & been to many blogs :) I’m a late cummer so to speak.

          • Mike Julius

            Almost 425 scenes in one night? That’s impossible. Unless, you plan to skip liberally. Then again, there’s never been a JR scene I haven’t skipped through quickly so why am I even wondering.

          • sxg

            I probably got through like 7 of them. And they weren’t all prison scenes. Sadly the one with Rafael was not one of the ones I already have. Looks like Men will get my money for a month once again :/

    • Istanballu

      how do you even fuck someone with that bad of acting. seriously hats off to the professionalism of that top for staying hard during boner killing ‘bottoming’.

      • dave1984

        I truly miss Rafael & his relentless dick.

      • BlogZilla

        Please get over yourself Mary, If Johnny was standing in front of you with torn jeans showing his beautiful ass, you’d be the first with a boner and to throw him on the bed. Remember , he has no problem with condomed cocks

  • Alan Keddie

    And don’t, DON’T call me Shirley.

  • DJ

    I knew it! I knew he drank shitty beer in shitty bowling alleys!

  • P17C

    guns, bowling, domestic violence, Georgia, attempted sex with a minor….Johnny Rapid is clearly a 6-toed, trailer trash skid mark on society. What he did to his wife was horrible but let’s not forget that he started it all because she wouldn’t FUCK A FOURTEEN year old with him. Hunnty bye

  • GN


  • http://cokefloatdr.tumblr.com/ Aaron Scott

    So…. does this confirm that most porn stars enjoying fucking 14 year olds? Or just that a lot of men do?

    • Hudsonman

      Neither! Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch. Men who smack around women are pathetic. Pedos are fucked up. A small fraction of Men and Men who work in porn are Pedos. This does confirm that Johnny ne Hylan is a white trash hick that beats up women.

      • andrew

        I agree with your comment, except for the racial slur. I find that offensive.

        • Hudsonman

          Andrew I stand corrected calling him “white” trash was racially insensitive. Better?

    • BlogZilla

      Uhhh, 14 year olds probably know more about sex than you do. And actually the age of consent is not 18 throughout the USA, despite what people might think, In Washington DC of all places, I believe it’s actually 16

      • wudd_up

        mike dozer?!?!? when did you get out of prison???

  • Dakota

    And this surprises whom?

  • andrew

    SOME porn viewers have a tendency to feel superior to porn actors and seem eager to jump at the chance to criticize them, for their real or imagined failings. This probably helps them maintain their feelings of superiority.

    • FrenchBug

      I never understand porn commenters who feel the need to diss porn stars for being porn stars almost as if it was a moral failing. Hum… hello?
      On the other hand, I am not going to feel bad for judging porn stars on their looks, performance on-screen or public statements and behavior. If you choose to be a public person, you have to be delusional or pretty narcissistic to think it isn’t going to come with judgement and criticism!

      • wudd_up

        yes, let’s judge people on their looks. isn’t that what being a homo is all about?
        way to further the catty, superficial gay stereotype.

        • FrenchBug

          You are missing the point. Not “people” but pornstars who are using their looks to earn money.

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  • Gendarme

    Girlfriend? Child? that poor child.

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