SHOCK: Gay Porn Star Marc Dylan Struggling With Major Weight Problem; Shows Off Chubby New Body

Posted November 28, 2013 by with 6 comments

Here’s former gay porn star turned unbearably monotonous YouTube advice vlogger Marc Dylan discussing his troubling weight gain (at least for the first two minutes—I turned it off after that).

Marc’s goal of losing 20 pounds in six weeks isn’t going to be easy, so if he doesn’t lose the weight, I sure hope there are people still willing to love and accept him for who he is on the inside, and not what he looks like on the outside. Either way, good luck, Marc!

Can Marc Dylan lose 20 pounds in six weeks?
Does going low carb really work, or is it just a fad diet?
Should Marc Dylan get lapband surgery?
Is chubby Marc Dylan actually hotter than skinny Marc Dylan?
Which do you think is Marc Dylan’s favorite ice cream flavor: Chocolate or vanilla?
Should Marc Dylan #CallJenny, or is it too late?


  • Sister Roma

    Marc: Your body looks amazing, don’t be silly. Cut the carbs for 2 weeks and you’ll drop 10 lbs. Easy. However, I can’t get past your M-shaped mustache. Or is it the Golden Gate Bridge? Please shave it.

  • sxg

    Wait, Marc Dylan retired???

    Also, Marc always had this thick but very muscular body, so he honestly doesn’t look like he gained any weight. He still looks good, but good for him I guess for trying to lose some extra weight.

  • Spongey

    Man, his voice so doesn’t match his body, it’s so jarring. Anyhow, I’m amazed he maintains that insanely hot body with all the food he eats. Only in the gay world would he think he’s fat. Also, diets are stupid. Love your body, fat rolls and all!

    • Evan Hart

      Oh well man most guys who are naturally don’t sound like typical jocks- whatever. . . Tired of everyone expecting every gay guy who looks like a man to sound like Barry White. Most of us struggled with the voice thing isn’t it enough that most of them are killing themselves in the to look like wrestlers and football players when most rarely played sports growing up, if ever? Speaking of wrestlers do most of you people understand most of the straight dudes on WWE are putting on those extra deep “macho” voices? YES, not all straight guys and bodybuilders don’t actually sound like Darth Vader swallowed sandpaper!

  • Todd

    Chocolate or Vanilla ??? Ha Ha Ha ……….Anywhoooooooooooooooo ………..

  • Evan Hart

    Looking as he does I doubt he is over 15-20% body fat, 20 lbs is 10% of 208. I think 5-10% body fat sounds ridiculous to try to achieve and maintain, I hope he doesn’t have body dysmorphic disorder.