10 Other Things Deviant Otter Doesn’t Believe In, Ranked

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Earlier today, gay porn star Deviant Otter released his bareback duo scene with an HIV-positive performer, and along with it a press release in which Mr. Otter revealed that condoms had “ruin[ed]” his sex life. And in what might be the gay porn quote of 2015, Deviant Otter also said the following: “I’m sure I will get some flack for this, but I don’t believe in safe sex.” That’s a bold position to take, especially when you consider all scientific studies have found that safe sex tools like condoms are highly effective in preventing STDs.

But Deviant Otter’s unique belief system doesn’t end there!

Did you know there are other scientifically proven things that Deviant Otter doesn’t believe in? It’s true. Here are the top 10 things that Deviant Otter doesn’t believe in:


10. The Earth being round.


9. Global Warming.


8. Vaccinating children.


7. The deliciousness of pizza.


6. The Moon Landing.

5. The theory of gravitation.


4. Elvis’ death.


3. Evolution.


2. President Obama’s birth certificate.


1. Life after love.


  • Nickolas

    I’d put good money on the fact that he doesn’t believe in Rogaine, either.

    • La Bambi


    • shidinja .

      DYING LOL!

    • Todd

      Well done, sir ……….

      • Todd

        :-( …. why are my saved GIF files attaching as JPG files ???
        Deviant Otter doesn’t believe I can attach GIFs …and HE’S RIGHT !!!

    • Drew Barrymore

      The shade is real.

  • La Bambi

    This isn’t necessarily in his defense, as I’m not sure he meant it this way, but many sex educators today don’t believe in “safe sex” either. They believe in “safer sex”, as no sexual activity is 100% safe. Condoms reduce the risk, but they don’t eliminate it, and calling it safe sex leads some people to think condoms are foolproof and they face no STI risk. Safer sex includes everything from condoms to testing to partner screening with the understanding that the risk of getting an STI will never be zero.


  • cris levin

    my god, that jesus holding dino pic is hilarious!

  • We’ve also heard rumors that he doesn’t believe the children are our future, but we weren’t sure if we should believe it.

  • P17C

    y’know i thought i was gonna see ‘doesn’t believe jet fuel can melt steel beams’ but when i saw that he doesn’t believe in the deliciousness of pizza… girl bah

  • zipperpull

    Given that he’s named himself “Deviant” from the get go, and the dirty, dirty stuff he started out with, how is this ideology all that shocking? I personally am not onboard with that train of though, seems short sided.

  • I can confirm that he actually likes pizza, but I can’t speak for other items on this list. #SLANDER

    • andrew


    • Tall Rugby Guy

      I believe you’re the same Dewitt that mods the Manhunt.net forums, which feature advertising posts from Sketchy Sex, Fraternity X and, yes, Deviant Otter. So you’re no impartial judge.

      • Pretty sure I never claimed to be?

  • Gravitation or gravity? Or both? lol.

    • dave1984

      “gravitation” is correct in this context.

      • Good to know, thanks dave1984! I’m not a scientist, and I would have said ‘gravity’ most likely. This is why I feel this blog is more than educational.

  • Drew Barrymore

    At least, the girl has her moment of glory.

  • sxg

    Thankfully he’s a hot disgusting piece of ass who knows how to bring on a great performance, or else the fact that he’s one stupid piece of shit would kind of matter.

  • andrew

    He sounds like the perfect candidate to win the Republican Party’s nomination for POTUS.

  • Zealot

    He doesn’t believe a kiss will make an “ouchie” better.

    • zach


  • Cosmic

    I’m not sure if he doesn’t believe it but I’ve heard rumors that he has doubts about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity…I know I was shocked too!…Also he’s an idiot.

  • GayPupCub24

    Lmao !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GayPupCub24

    lol he probably doesn’t believe in magic and ghosts also XD.