Christian Grandmother Arrested At Water Park For Shoving Child Off Inflatable Toy And Calling Him “Fat Ass”

Posted July 28, 2023 by with 9 comments

Sounds like standard behavior from the typical Christian grandmother in America. Actually surprised she didn’t beat the child to death, tbh. Via TheSmokingGun:

A self-described “Christian woman, a grandmother” was arrested yesterday at an Ohio water park after witnesses told police she called a child a “brat” and “fat ass” and pushed him off a floating toy.

Cops responding to a disorderly conduct complaint at the Cedar Point Shores Waterpark in Sandusky spoke with Jennifer Hutton, 32, who described a confrontation in the kids pool between her son and a 67-year-old Michigan resident.

In a police interview, the suspect identified herself as “Jennifer Lee Miller” and provided a cop with her date of birth, home address, and phone number. While admitting that she called the boy a “brat,” “Miller” denied “swearing at the child” and said she did not touch the minor.

“She stated she was a Christian woman, a grandmother, and she wouldn’t do such a thing,” a patrolman reported.


Cops later found that the woman had given them a fake name and address (her real name is Janet Nale), and after she admitted lying to them, she was arrested for obstruction and sent to jail.