Florida Bride And Caterer Arrested For Lacing Wedding Reception Food With Marijuana, Sending Multiple People To The Hospital

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This is awful and this bride is deranged, and yet, the way this report is written, it’s really hard to read some of this without laughing. No one was seriously harmed, thankfully! Via The Smoking Gun:

A Florida bride and a caterer are facing felony charges for allegedly adding marijuana to food served to wedding guests, many of whom fell ill after unknowingly ingesting the cannabis-laced dishes served at a February reception.

According to police, “numerous guests” were treated “for symptoms consistent with that of someone who had used illegal drugs.”

Newlywed Danya Svoboda, 42, and caterer Joycelyn Bryant, 31, have been hit with negligence, tampering, and drug charges for allegedly spiking food served at the February 19 reception, which was attended by about 50 guests.

As alleged in an arrest warrant affidavit, victims became ill after consuming pasta, salad, and an olive oil and herb dip. Several guests were treated at a local hospital, where tests revealed THC in their systems.

One guest told cops he felt “ill and high” and was “having crazy thoughts” as his heart raced. Another victim said he told the best man that he “felt like he had been drugged,” but that the best man “was incoherent and could not answer a question.”

Guest Nancy Postma, 69, whose nephew married Svoboda, told cops that she had “no control over her mind and body” and that “her mind was playing strange things in her head.”

Miranda Cady, a friend of Svoboda’s, recalled asking Bryant if there was marijuana in the food. In response, Bryant “giggled and shook her head yes,” according to the arrest affidavit. Fearful that she would die, Cady said that she sent a text to herself “so that someone would know what happened to her.”

Danya Svoboda and Bryant–who are free on bond following their arrest Monday–have been charged with a pair of felonies and one misdemeanor count.

The woman who sent a text to herself…I can’t. More from the amazing police report here on TSG.

Reminds me of the legendary 911 call reporting a pot brownie overdose: