Florida Man Who Ejaculated Onto Frozen Stuffed Animals Inside Target Sentenced

Posted January 13, 2022 by with 3 comments

He got off pretty easy. Via The Smoking Gun:

A man who engaged in sexual conduct with a pair of “large stuffed animal toys” at a Target store in Florida was sentenced today to six months probation after pleading no contest to indecent exposure and criminal mischief charges. Cody Meader, 22, entered his misdemeanor plea before a Circuit Court judge who also ordered the St. Petersburg man to pay $725 in court costs and fines, according to court records.

Meader was arrested in late-2019 after “willfully and maliciously” damaging Target goods “by ejaculating on the merchandise.”

[Meader] “picked up an Olaf snowman stuffed animal” from a display featuring characters from the Disney film “Frozen” and “began having sex with this stuffed animal and it was all on video,” according to a Target loss prevention officer interviewed by police. “The subject finished having sex with the stuffed animal and ejaculated on it and then wiped it off.”

When confronted, cops say, Meader admitted to “doing ‘stupid stuff’ and admitted that he had ‘nutted’ on the Olaf stuffed animal.”

I’ve posted about this story a few times, but didn’t know there was video of the Target fuckfest until today. Here it is: