Sex Offender Arrested For Using Drone To Spy On Naked Next Door Neighbor

Posted June 30, 2023 by with 1 comment

Not just a creepy pervert, but also a bumbling fucking idiot, as he crashed the drone he was using to spy on his naked neighbor into a tree branch outside her window. Via The Smoking Gun:

A convicted sex offender is facing a video voyeurism charge after he allegedly flew a drone to peer into the bathroom window of a female neighbor, according to Rhode Island police.

Investigators say Stephanie Merola, 32, was preparing to take a shower in her Cranston residence Wednesday evening when she heard a buzzing sound outside the bathroom window.

When Merola went outside to investigate, cops say, she spotted a drone hovering near the window. As she approached the drone, it began to fly away, but struck a tree branch and fell to the ground. Merola then grabbed the drone and dunked it in her pool, disabling the quadcopter’s electronics.

A subsequent police investigation resulted in the arrest of Christopher Jones, 49, whose home–where he lives with his 72-year-old mother–abuts Merola’s property. While cops did not reveal how the defendant was linked to the drone, they say that Jones “admitted he was the operator.”


TSG notes that while the suspect is a convicted sex offender, his requirement to register as one expired in 2015. He was arraigned on a felony video voyeurism charge last week.

The drone: