#ByeTayte: Jake Bass Shades Fellow CockyBoy Tayte Hanson

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It’s already been established that Jake Bass is the king of the subtweet, and today he solidifies that status by calling out fellow CockyBoys exclusive model Tayte Hanson.

What has Jake so fired up? He thinks he fucked Justin Matthews better than Tayte Hanson did (ICYMI: Justin bottomed for Jake today in a new scene; a few weeks ago, Justin bottomed for Tayte), and he wants everyone to know it.

Here’s Jake Bass promoting his new scene with Justin Matthews and throwing shade on Tayte Hanson all in the same tweet. They don’t call them CockyBoys for nothing:

jake tayte 1For his part, Tayte Hanson wasn’t afraid to fight back:

jake tayte 2

Then, Jake Bass clarified his remarks. Looks like Tayte Hanson was the one being insecure?

jake bassss

While two models from the same gay porn studio insulting each other via hashtags might make for an awkward company Christmas party this year (or a cathartic “make-up sex” scene), there’s probably even more tension within the CockyBoys fanbase—particularly among the female fans. Tayte’s female fans are relentlessly (absurdly?) defensive of him, but Jake’s “bassketcases” are just as devoted. Undoubtedly, there’s an overlap between the two groups who are fans of both Jake and Tayte. WHAT will they do? WHOSE side will they take?? HOW will they live with themselves once they’ve made their decision??? #SophiesChoice

That being said, shouldn’t we just ask Justin Matthews himself who fucked him better?


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