13 Women File $1M Lawsuit After Contracting Herpes From Janitor Who Rubbed Penis On Water Bottles

Posted January 27, 2023 by with 2 comments

As you’ll recall, the janitor was arrested last year after being caught on camera rubbing his hepatitis and herpes-infected penis on various employees’ water bottles in a Texas office building. He’s out on bond now while awaiting trial on criminal charges, and this week, the victims filed a $1 million dollar lawsuit against the office building and the company that employed the STD-infested janitor. Given there are over a dozen women who are now stuck with not one but TWO incurable diseases, $1 million seems like an insanely small amount. If it’s true that the building manager did nothing for an entire week after being sent the video of the janitor rubbing his penis on the water bottle, the victims should be suing for a lot more. Via NBC2:

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