2016 Cybersocket Winners: Str8UpGayPorn, Colby Keller, Trenton Ducati, CockyBoys, Helix Studios…

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DSC_0114Here is the winners’ list from the 2016 Cybersocket Awards, held tonight at Penthouse in West Hollywood and hosted by Chi Chi LaRue. Additional photo and video galleries are forthcoming.

To start, an unofficial award from Str8UpGayPorn for hottest person of the night/hottest person alive winner Lukas Grande:

DSC_0014 Best Webmaster Resource: CCBill
Best Mobile Content: Men.com

Best Blog: Str8UpGayPorn

Best Content Producer: Helix Studios
Best Video Site: BelAmi

Best Webcam Performer: Pierre Fitch

Best Ethnic Site: Latin Boyz
Best Escort Site: RentMen.com
Best European Site: TimTales

DSC_0112Hall Of Fame: Trenton Ducati
Best Hardcore/Fetish: Kink.com
Best Niche Site: Str8ToGay (Men.com)
Businessperson Of The Year: Jake Jaxson (CockyBoys)


Best Hookup Site: Grindr
Best Cam Site: Cam 4
Best New Site: Icon Male

DSC_0176Best Personality: Colby Keller
Company Of The Year: Flirt4Free
Best VOD Site: NakedSword
Best Sex Scene: “Two Americans For A Frenchie” (Helix)
Best Newcomer: Sebastian Kross

DSC_0183 joke

Best Porn Star: Antonio Biaggi


Beat Movie: Meeting Liam (CockyBoys)


  • Xzamilloh

    Cybersocket Awards in a year looking back on half of these winners:


  • Xzamilloh

    Antonio Biaggi, Best Porn Star? I mean, I have a few of his videos, but REALLY???


    • Ben

      I never get his appeal. Physically he’s your average latin boy. Nothing special. As a performer? He’s pretty limited and boring. The only thing he has that is above average is his dick but I’m not a size queen… so no.

    • OneOfTheManyChris

      It’s pretty simple. He had the best autovoter of everyone who actually gave a shit.

    • Maximus

      I can’t decide whether I’m more disturbed by him winning Best Porn Star or by Icon Male winning Best New Site…


    • Luca

      considering all the people who were nominated for that award, that’s a pretty weird win.

      • DrunkEnough

        I think he’s smoking hot. Not bored by him at all–my dick seems to love him. Good thing for him it wasn’t a spelling bee, though.

  • FooFight

    Regarding this list of winning individuals (the owner of this blog excepted, of course):

  • McM.

    Congratulations on winning Best Blog. It is well deserved.

    While Str8UpGayPorn is snarky, I found it is very responsive along with having an unusual approach to covering gay porn. Zach has broken new stories and reported on stories other blogs won’t touch, and posts show an interaction between the site and performers and studios. The people who comment are also part of the site, and this makes Str8UpGayPorn different from places the industry uses for press releases. This is additional reading material showing other points of view, and sometimes they will generate new posts.

  • Todd
    • moondoggy

      If only someone will give his hole the Rizzing it deserves.


    • Luca

      I didn’t get why the banana though, is it an inside joke?

      • Zealot

        Some guy named Alberto Chiquita

    • asby

      That isn’t Cosby Keller in the banana costume…It is a non porn friend of his

  • Todd

    Best Porn Star – Matt Damon for ‘The Martian’


    • C3xxx

      Now that’s comedy! 😀

  • bob80

    Tayte Hanson has nice skin, I have the same my pale face but I wouldn’t look that good in a closeup picture with flash.

  • Binary Busting Boo Boo Kitty

    Damn. Antonio Biaggi looks anorexic.
    Otherwise all the awards were a total yawn.

    • Luca

      in other photos on his twitter he looks ok. But yes that pic above doesn’t give him favors…

  • jimboivyo

    Dear Ms. Lucas,

    Chew and swallow hard, bitch!

  • Norminah

    I don’t care what you other tricks think, I love Antonio as a performer so good for him! It’s about time one of these rigged ‘award’ shows (‘cept yours Zach) that only favors a certain skin tone honors one of the biggest names in bareback porn, especially since most studios are now following the leader.

  • steve adams

    Now that STR8UP has won best blog, I feel obliged to publish the owners first name.

  • beariac

    Congratulations Zach, it wasn’t all just a dream.

  • Maximus
  • Nana Eristavi

    Like it or hate it, gentlemen, but as long as BA is alive all the other video sites just don’t have a chance. This is called “true European chic and glamour”, you know.

    • Maximus
      • Nana Eristavi

        As I’ve said already, – like it or hate it, but the fact goes for itself: BA has won for 16th time. Vox populi – vox dei, hilarious gifs or not. 😉

        • Maximus

          It’s a porn industry award, not an Oscar. Look at the nominees and some of the other winners—clearly they are not always awarded based on merit. BelAmi is just the same G4P bullshit that we have in America. The only differences are that the contrived dialogue and lame dirty talk are spoken in Czech instead of English, and that the dicks are uncut instead of (mostly) cut. Subtitles aren’t sexy, and neither is foreskin. I’ll stick with my American porn, thanks.


          • Nana Eristavi

            Well, we live in the free world (more or less), so each of us has a right for our own tastes. Like your gifs, BTW. They are original. :)

          • Maximus

            This is true. I will admit to being totally turned on by the Peters twins.


            Thanks! Zach and the other commenters on this site have caused me to fall in love with GIFs.

          • beariac

            Damn you! I had planned on disagreeing with your sweeping condemnation of foreskin by posting a gif but now I feel guilty so I’ll tone it down instead.

          • Maximus

            I had foreskin for the first 20 years of my life, so I know how nasty and awful that stuff can be. I don’t believe that infants should be circumcised though. It should be a man’s choice once he’s an adult. Sorry, gurl.

          • beariac

            Forgive my assumption then; it did seem odd given you’re erudite and enlightened on other matters. I had to endure a period of mildly painful stretching of mine during adolescence to make it fully retractable, and could never advocate the procedure on a child once I learned how harmful it is.

            That said, I don’t begrudge anyone a predilection when it comes to sex or their own dicks. I’ll say ‘yes’ to both of course, but enjoy it more uncut. Vive la différence!

          • Maximus

            Yeah, being uncut can cause all sorts of problems, many of which I had experienced by that point in my life. Getting circumcised at that age sucked, but it was definitely worth it in the long-run. I’m also glad that it was my decision and not my parents’.

            Well, people are often most attracted to others who are like themselves, so it makes sense that some gay guys would prefer dicks similar to their own (in terms of being cut/uncut).

    • sxg

      If “true European chic and glamour” in gay porn is shitty BJs, awful topping and excessive fake moanings then you can keep it. While there are many hot guys in sites like Bel Ami, East European gay porn is full of terrible gay sex. Give me West European gay porn from countries such as Spain, France, Germany and England over that mess any day!

      • Nana Eristavi

        Of course, you have a right for a free expression of your opinion, but the facts are quite obvious: BA has won for 16th time in a row, so let me suspect that you’re in a slight majority. 😉

        • sxg

          The fact is that Bel Ami won in a fan poll for best whatever. A fan poll DOES NOT equate to best quality! Justin Bieber is the most popular singer in the world currently, does that make him the best singer? No it does not it just makes him the most popular. So this is a popularity contest and nothing more. So in conclusion, popularity DOES NOT equate to best quality! And Bel Ami is a perfect example of that.

          • Nana Eristavi

            Well, I’ve always thought that each and every porn award is about popularity of a studio or a performer in general, don’t you think so?

  • Maximus

    “To start, an unofficial award from Str8UpGayPorn for hottest person of the night/hottest person alive winner Lukas Grande.”

    How very fascinating, Zach… I see you, gurl.


    • Luca

      didn’t get it

  • DPS

    Well deserved award Zach. Having the one site with substance not just flesh pics makes your content unique and interesting to the viewers!

  • Myko

    Apart from Lukas Grande in that pic.
    Who gives a shit.

  • Al

    Mmm. Lukas Grande. That is all. But no wait?! A banana?! Who is that?! It looks like Zachary.

    • Dutch Courage

      I didn’t know Chiquita sponsored a gay porn blogger 😉

      • Al

        I didn’t know that they sponsored a gay porn star either

  • sxg

    Hottest person of the night Lukas Grande???
    By the looks of it the night was slim pickings, but there are a few that are far hotter than that! But you hang on to your pasty Twilight vampire fetish!

    I see Trenton had his face stretched just in time for the show good for him! He would look much better if he let himself age properly he used to be so much hotter, so much more authentic during his Titan days.

    Antonio Biaggi winning…

    Granted he’s a good top, but that’s become boring pretty fast. Plus his site is complete shit they have terrible video quality and it isn’t directed well either. He looks emaciated in that pic.

    Who is that hottie presenting for Best Hookup App??? Let’s get more pics of him!

    But the best news of all, ZACH FINALLY WON!!!!!
    Well deserved Zach! There’s no one else in the gay porn blog industry that works as tirelessly as you do and keeps us as entertained and informed as you do!

  • Silver64

    Congrats Zach….You deserve it…

    And bonus points for pissing off Ryan Rose.

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    Was superstar Frankie Grande there to support Tayte Hanson? God I hope Tayte is getting paid to hump that troll

  • Luca

    I was wondering, how many of his boys did Jake Jaxson fuck?

    • 1234

      Off topic, but what became of the original owner of Cockyboys (the one from southern CA, Kyle something or other)??

  • JohnnyVooDoo

    How is ‘ Str8ToGay’ a niche site ?!?

  • iverge

    Chi Chi needs to stop stop with fucking up that face. It’s beyond hope.

  • John

    Does best ethnic site mean this?

  • John

    Does best ethnic site mean?

    • CA

      You didn’t hear? The Oscar noms come out tomorrow and there will be a new category, “Best Ethnic Movie”.

    • GN


  • OverKill

    Icon Male, Antonio Biaggi, & Hottest Person of the Night:


    I sense fuckery.

  • WillG

    Congratulations Zach!!!

  • WhimsyCotton

    I may not always agree with every story, but there is no doubt that Str8up is the best (gay) porn blog. It still feels like a project of love (at fucking with the industry) and goodness knows that is very entertaining.

    I can’t at Antonio Biaggi winning best Porn Star and showing up looking like the spokesperson for Truvada.

  • nick

    Is Lukas Grande a ghost ?

  • ILoveStrawberryCheesecake

    I”m more surprised at the fact there are people who actually give a shit about these tacky ass award shows.

    • nick

      Oscars, golden globes, emmy awards, MTV awards Etc. Etc. Etc.

  • OhMyClarence

    Wait a second. How is there a “Best Ethnic Site” and a “Best European Site”? That’s like having a “Best Music” and then a “Best Closing Credits Music” category. Technically shouldn’t they just be under one “Best Ethnic Site” category? Is European, white, no longer considered an ethnicity? And if so, why is that the only continent that gets it own special category in an American awards event.

  • CBW

    Pierre Fitch looks great. Last time I saw him he was looking pretty rough. Chi Chi, on the other hand, looks like something escaped from the pit. Yikes.

  • Marsha Lewis

    grindr best hookup site? are u for real.. I thought all that’s on there are old married guys.. ewwww give me some bgc now those boys are sexy.