2023 Oscar Nominations Announcement

Posted January 24, 2023 by with 5 comments

[Update: The full list of noms is here if you don’t want to sit through the video, and yes, my husband Paul Mescal was nominated!]

The livestream for the nominations at the 95th annual Academy Awards begins at 5:30am PST, and while I’ll be asleep (hopefully) at that time, you can watch it above. That video player might switch to a recorded version (or it might be disabled) once the announcement is over, so I’ll update this post if needed later in the morning.

My thoughts on the nominees: I still want to see Fablemans, Triangle Of Sadness, and Banshees, you couldn’t pay me to see The Whale (spare me the fat suit theatrics), Elvis (Baz Luhrmann is great, but I’m sorry, I’m done with biopics), or Avatar (the first one was shockingly boring, and I love James Cameron movies), Tár was a movie I admired but didn’t really like, and Everything Everywhere All At Once was an overrated, schmaltzy mess, although I suppose it’s remarkable that one movie could fail to be entertaining or coherent in so many different genres (action/adventure, sci-fi, romance, comedy, family drama) all at the same time. The best movie of 2022 was an extremely understated yet emotionally devastating masterpiece that I’m guessing about 500 people in the United States saw, and it’s called Aftersun. It might not be nominated for anything, but Paul Mescal has a slight chance at a Best Actor nod, and if so, that’ll be the only reason for me to watch the ceremony in March. Well, that and it’ll be nice to finally see Angela Bassett win. She of course should’ve won for What’s Love Got To Do With It—back when I liked biopics! and truly, the best music biopic I’ve ever seen—in 1994, but the Academy loves giving people “career Oscars” like this (see Julianne Moore’s win for Still Alice), so I support it.


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