3 Dead After Drinking Listeria-Tainted Milkshakes From Washington Fast Food Restaurant

Posted August 21, 2023 by with 4 comments

There are so many weird fast food chains that only exist in a handful of states (I liked this one called “Runza” that I had in Nebraska a few years ago—don’t ask me what I was doing in Nebraska), and the one in this story, “Frugals,” is in Montana and Washington. Via NBC:

Three people have died following a listeria outbreak at a family-owned burger restaurant in Tacoma, Washington.

On Aug. 18, the Washington State Department of Health released a report confirming that listeria bacteria were found in all milkshake flavors sold at a Frugals burger restaurant in Tacoma, about one hour from Seattle.

The department reported that the bacteria led to six hospitalizations and three deaths. Those hospitalized were between the ages of 40 and 79.

“Investigators found Listeria in the ice cream machines, which were not cleaned correctly,” the department said. “No other Frugals restaurants are believed to be affected.”


There is now of course a lawsuit against Frugals, as a local news outlet reported today: