5 Seconds From Every Single Madonna Video

Posted October 14, 2023 by with 10 comments

Ready for Madonna’s world tour? It starts tonight in London, and all the British stans are already losing their bloody minds. Here she was leaving her hotel this week:

At least 25 hits will be performed live during each show, and there will be snippets or intros from 15 more songs also included, according to a tour press release. The Celebration tour stage will be the biggest stage ever constructed for any Madonna tour, but I doubt we’ll see much dancing, given her fragile health and age. Instead of crazy dance moves, expect to see a lot of costume changes, elaborate sets, video retrospectives, re-creations of her most iconic moments, and a lot of audience interaction. The video below features five seconds from each of her videos, and it’s making me nostalgic enough to seriously consider going to one of the California shows next year, assuming she makes it that far and the tour isn’t canceled. Fingers crossed…

All the videos from the greatest pop star and highest-selling female artist in music history:


Because I love this performance so much, here was her last great live appearance at an awards show, from the 2015 Grammys: