75-Year-Old Man Arrested For Murdering 87-Year-Old Man In Florida Parking Lot

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Authorities were able to identify the suspect thanks to a “hole-in-one” photo of him taken at a local golf course. It’s alleged that the senior citizen murdered another elderly man after mistakenly thinking his car had been damaged by the victim, but it turns out the accident involved another vehicle that didn’t even belong to the killer. Via Law&Crime:

According to a probable cause affidavit, deputies with the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office at about 6:41 p.m. on June 28 responded to the Glenview Country Club located in the 3100 block of Glenview Road in The Villages in response to a reported vehicular accident. Before first responders arrived, a woman called 911 from the location and said that her husband had been attacked by an unknown man.

The woman told deputies that her husband — later identified as Zook — was pulling into the lot when he accidentally struck a black Lexus RX350 causing “minor damage.” That’s when the alleged assailant — identified in the document as Moore — approached the couple and yelled “What the hell, you hit my car!” Zook admitted the collision was his fault and offered to exchange insurance information before Moore allegedly struck him “in the jaw with a closed fist.”

“The Victim attempted to put his hands up to defend himself, but was unable to protect himself from the continuing punches thrown by the unknown subject,” police wrote. “The unknown subject then realized the black Lexus RX350 did not belong to him and he left the Victim in search of his actual vehicle without any further word.”


The victim developed a brain bleed from the parking lot beating and his condition deteriorated after being hospitalized. He died two weeks later.

Via ABC7: