80-Year-Old Actor Danny Trejo And Friend Beaten By Thugs Hurling Water Balloons During 4th Of July Parade

Posted July 5, 2024 by with 4 comments

The man with the bloodied face (above, right) is Trejo’s good friend, Mario, and he looks to have been injured far worse than Trejo during a brawl at a 4th of July parade yesterday. It started when people in the crowd started tossing water balloons at Trejo’s car, and one of them hit Trejo in the head. When Trejo and his friend confronted the people who threw the balloons, violence ensued, and Trejo was thrown to the ground. Because nothing says “proud to be an American” like beating an 80-year-old man. First clip via Fox11, and for another camera angle, the second clip is via ABC7:

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