80-Year-Old Priest Who Hired Male Hookers Found Naked And Strangled To Death In Apartment

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In addition to all the millions of children who could be spared from abuse and rape, it’s crazy to think how all of these closeted priests wouldn’t be dead and/or disgraced if it weren’t for the Catholic church’s existence. Sure, some are inherently mentally ill or evil and would’ve acted out regardless, but I think many of them might’ve actually been able to lead happy and relatively normal lives had they not been corrupted and indoctrinated into the global crime ring of pedophiles and sexual perversion. Oh well. Via DailyMail:

The body of an elderly priest accused of paying male migrants for sex was discovered naked in bed in his Spanish apartment.

Alfonso López Benito, 80, a former canon of Valencia Cathedral, was found deceased on Tuesday by a friend and janitor who had gone to pay him a visit.

A postmortem found he had died by suffocation and had likely been dead for several days.

Fr Benito had allegedly been asked by the Archbishop’s office in Valencia to stop bringing lovers to his home, which was owned by the Catholic church.

Neighbours are said to have complained about the noise from the late priest’s encounters.


A 40-year-old Peruvian immigrant was arrested for the murder after he tried to use the dead priest’s credit card in a bar.