Adele Canceled Vegas Residency Over Failed Swimming Pool Stunt?

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Keep in mind that this is coming from Brit tabloid The Sun, so it’s probably only 25% true (if that). It almost sounds like a parody, or something that would happen in a mockumentary of a concert tour. The thought of Adele being hoisted into the air and wanting to appear as if she was floating on water, but then screaming at people because the pool looked like a “baggy old pond”? It’s a fun story, but it’s too absurd to be true, and it’s certainly not enough of a reason to cancel an entire residency:

Pop superstar Adele cancelled her Las Vegas residency after launching into a furious rant over a swimming pool stunt planned for the big-money shows. The Brit was supposed to stand in the middle of one while belting out her hits — but likened the final design to an “old pond” and refused.

A US source told how a plan had been hatched for her to be hoisted up in a pool during her Weekends With Adele shows, which had seen tickets selling for up to £9,000 a ticket.

But they said: “When she saw the finished design, she refused to take part.”

The source continued: “Adele described the pool as a ‘baggy old pond’ and refused, point blank, to stand in the middle of it.

“The intention was to fill it with water on the set as she was lifted up on a crane-type mechanism, creating the illusion she was floating on water.”

[The Sun: Adele cancelled her Las Vegas residency after furious rant over swimming pool stunt]

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