Adult Webmaster Who Outed Mason Wyler’s HIV Status Missing And Feared Dead

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Mark Wilson (above, left)—the adult webmaster whose company Great Atlantic Media hosts sites for a variety of porn stars and bloggers—has not been heard from for nearly two months, and many suspect he may be dead. After disappearing last Halloween weekend outside of Atlanta, Georgia, clients and colleagues have been frantically trying to locate Wilson, who hasn’t returned multiple emails, tweets, and phone calls, even from his closest industry friends.

Today, affiliate blogger DewayneInSD (who is one of Wilson/Great Atlantic Media’s clients) posted the rambling update below, which reveals some of the cryptic details surrounding Wilson’s disappearance:

On or around October 28th 2013 Mark Wilson (according to neighbors) disappeared from home in Atlanta Georgia. According to my source in the adult community a friend of Marks contacted Atlanta PD sometime the first week of November. They did a welfare check and spoke with neighbors who said he was last seen at home on Sunday October 27th. Police obtained an order to force entry and no one was found in the home. Hospitals and accident logs were checked to no avail. At this point in mid December this is still a Missing Persons Case.

Because of the uncertainty here, no definitive finding of a body or accident scene I have refrained from posting until today. I became aware of the situation on the first of December since Mark was usually unavailable during the Thanksgiving break I was not overly concerned. I was also in a bit of shock as well, this is not the way you expect someone to go without a trace.

Mark usually purchased his web traffic and server packages (he was a reseller of bandwidth and had servers located in three locations) from Level 3 and Lunar pages in 3 month allotments. He made a normal buy in late Sept covering October,November and December. One of those service providers Lunarpages owns the server this Site DeWayne in San Diego is hosted on. A shut down and transfer procedure has been announced with services do [sic] to terminate on December 23rd 2013

In addition to Dewayne’s blog, other sites hosted by Wilson’s Great Atlantic Media include Brent Corrigan’s, JD Phoenix’s, Marc Dylan’s, Gorgeous Boys, Gay Porn Gossip, JetSetMen’s affiliate program “JetSetCash” (not that anyone uses it), and many more. Because Wilson hasn’t paid his providers, all Great Atlantic Media hosting services will be terminated next Monday the 23rd, so hopefully everyone’s made plans to have their domains transferred.

Mark Wilson is perhaps best known among porn fans not as a webmaster, but as the blogger behind “Gay Porn Gossip.” In August of 2010, Wilson took it upon himself to publish gay porn star Mason Wyler’s HIV status (which had been leaked to him by someone inside NextDoorStudios) on Gay Porn Gossip, effectively outing Wyler as positive and eventually ruining his career. Why Wyler never pursued criminal and/or civil charges against Wilson is still a mystery to me, but I guess sometimes things just have a way of working themselves out on their own…


  • James Withers

    Hope this is some cruel hoax and he’s safe and well.

  • sxg

    Ruined? He still worked for condom-only studios even after his outing, and he was at RFC filming as well. But criminal/civil charges may not be so easy, considering that Wilson could mount a defense that the gay porn industry, as well as gay porn models, had a right to know who they were working alongside without testing. Odd story. Was there a mention anywhere about his vehicle not being found?

    • WillG

      His vehicle is also missing.

    • Alias74

      The “right to know” defense usually works for what we typically view as celebrities – actors, musicians, professional athletes. You’d have to stretch that to fit adult films stars which is just that….a stretch. Bottom line, his only defense would essentially be that he received the information and published it. It’s not libelous because it’s true. The criminal charges would lie with the person who had access to the information and leaked HIPPA protected information.

      • WillG

        Alias74 you are correct, the rep from Next Door Studios who passed along the info about Mason’s status is criminally liable, not Mark.

        • zach

          Not necessarily. Just because something is “true” doesn’t mean you have the legal right to publish it, especially and specifically private/personal health information. (Never mind the moral issue of publishing it.) There are very real civil damages Mason could have gone after.

          • WillG

            Civil damages, perhaps. But only the health-care provider is prohibited by law from disclosing that information. Since Next Door ordered the test they would probably fall under that umbrella, though I’m not sure.

  • JoshChicago

    Brent Corrigan linked to another possible death? What are the odds!?

  • NG212

    Ooh, this story is all kinds of dark. They say karma’s a bitch. In this case, she’s a cunt.

  • Todd

    Wow. This is all kind of Bryan Kocis 2.0 …..except, not really …… I expect when this all shakes out, this will be something related to a local trick gone bad. Or maybe when they investigate his financial situation, he might have just taken off and will turn up elsewhere like Olivia Newton John’s boyfriend did. Who knows. Time will tell.

  • Aaron Hutson

    Bareback blog was hosted here but the blogger Brad has moved to a new host.