AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s “Trust Him?” Ads Are Insane/Hilarious

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Michael Weinstein’s AHF has hit a new low (yes, apparently they could go lower) with a new ad campaign for the foundation’s upcoming horror movie, Trust Him? Oh wait, the ads aren’t for a horror movie, they’re for HIV tests.

TrustHer_AAstraightCouple_1094x335If AHF had their way, everyone would turn up HIV-positive (more patients going to AHF for help = more $$$ for AHF), so it’s no surprise that they don’t discriminate. Gay, straight, black, white—as long you’re a potentially untrustworthy disease carrier, AHF has got your back!

TrustHer_LatinStraight_1094x335FYI: All straight women who cheat on their boyfriends wear purple robes and sleep with their eyes open.

TBH, I don’t really trust any of these people. They’re all fucking each other in the same bed, in the same house!




Watch out! He’s on the DL…

TrustHim_GayAA_1094x335Putting forth the idea that HIV is spread through deceitful partners isn’t just tacky and ignorant, it’s an outdated notion that’s scientifically false. (Big surprise—AHF is trying to spread misinformation.) More than half of people living with HIV don’t even know they have it, which makes AHF’s message that HIV is spread via shady cheaters nothing more than fearmongering bullshit.


The good news? Michael Weinstein and his phony foundation are on their way out. They’ve got a lawsuit pending against them for scamming Medicare out of over $20 million. Stigmatizing HIV isn’t “cool” or effective anymore. And no one’s buying into these 1990’s scare tactics, no matter how fondly we remember the music video for TLC’s “Waterfalls.”


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