Air Force Major Sues Marriott For $160M After Waking To Find Unknown Man In His Hotel Room Raping Him

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That’s an image of suspect Jermaine Lamont Peay above, who allegedly broke into an unidentified victim’s Marriott hotel room in the middle of the night two years ago and began forcefully performing oral sex on him. The victim, an Air Force Major, woke up in complete shock and horror as the rapist was “violently thrashing his head up and down” on the victim’s penis, but he was able to punch the rapist and throw him off the bed. The victim is now suing Marriott for $160 million due to the hotel’s malfunctioning doors and failure to keep the rapist off the property. Via Law&Crime:

The plaintiff says when he retired to his room, “the self-closing and self-locking door to his guestroom was not functioning property and the door to his room did not properly latch shut or lock.”

He claims that Marriott has electronic sensors equipped to “transmit an electronic record” to the hotel when a guest’s door is opened or closed, the lawsuit contends, and accordingly, Marriott, he says, “should have known that the self-closing door was malfunctioning and not properly closing prior to and during John Doe’s stay at the hotel.”

The plaintiff says Peay had previously trespassed at the hotel and was known to burgle or assault guests.

According to the complaint, it was “in the early hours” of April 8 when the victim was “woken up to an assailant performing oral sex on him without his consent.”

“The assailant, Jermaine Peay, had put John Doe’s penis in his mouth while John Doe slept, and had been violently thrashing his head up and down with John Doe’s penis in his mouth. John Doe had never met, seen, or otherwise interacted with Jermaine Peay prior to waking up to find Peay sexually assaulting him in his hotel room,” the complaint states. “John Doe howled in terror and lashed out to punch Jermaine Peay and throw him off of John Doe.”


The suspect was arrested shortly after the rape and was charged with felony larceny, burglary first degree, second degree forcible sex offense, and larceny after breaking and entering. The $160 million lawsuit against Marriott is for negligence and deceptive trade practice.

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