Alec Baldwin Harassed By Woman In Coffee Shop Who Asks, “Why Did You Kill That Lady?” And Demands That He Say “Free Palestine”

Posted April 22, 2024 by with 10 comments

As someone who believes that Palestinians should in fact be free and Alec Baldwin is in fact an idiot (albeit an entertaining one—30 Rock is still among my top 10 favorite sitcoms), I hate that I’m completely on his side after watching the above video, which has now gone viral on Twitter after a deranged woman posted it this afternoon. The woman, who uses the name “Crackhead Barney & Friends,” is obviously referring to the Rust cinematographer who was shot and killed by Baldwin in 2021, and while the movie’s armorer was sentenced to prison last week, Baldwin’s trial is coming up this summer.

Crackhead Barney has been tweeting all day after the harassment video was posted, so she obviously wasn’t harmed when Baldwin appears to have smacked the phone out of her hand.

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