Americans’ IQs Drop For First Time In Decades

Posted March 22, 2023 by with 10 comments

A new study shows IQ test scores dropping among Americans for the first time since 2006, and it’s probably ironic that you’re reading this article on a device that has helped to lower your IQ. Computers, “smart” phones (now there’s an oxymoron), and, most of all, social media are to blame. Our attention spans are dead, our critical thinking skills are gone, and the more time we spend endlessly scrolling, the worse it’ll get. Although, lol, how much worse can you get than “dead and gone.” Via StudyFinds:

Ability scores pertaining to verbal reasoning (logic, vocabulary), matrix reasoning (visual problem solving, analogies), and letter and number series (computational/mathematical) all dropped over the course of the study period.

Composite ability scores (single scores derived from multiple pieces of information) were also lower across the more recent samples. These score differences persisted regardless of age, education, or gender.

One of the researchers tried to sugarcoat the results:

“It doesn’t mean their mental ability is lower or higher; it’s just a difference in scores that are favoring older or newer samples,” explains Dworak, a research assistant professor of medical social sciences at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, in a media release. “It could just be that they’re getting worse at taking tests or specifically worse at taking these kinds of tests.”

“Getting worse at taking tests”…uhh, how much more clear could it be?


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