Anderson Cooper Gaslights Viewers Angered By Trump Town Hall

Posted May 11, 2023 by with 12 comments

I’m old enough to remember the weeks following September 11th when most if not all the major news networks announced they’d no longer be airing footage of the airplanes exploding into the towers, because the visuals were just too “traumatizing.” Whether you were traumatized or not, there was also an argument to be made that there was simply no news value in showing the same horrifying video over and over and over again. Just as there was no new perspective to be gained by repeatedly seeing thousands of people burning to death, there are no new insights to be made by listening to a deranged pig spewing the same insults and lies he’s been regurgitating for decades. Anderson Cooper should be ashamed, but much like the fascist his bosses platformed with a town hall full of raging ghouls, he too is a self-serving celebrity with his own delusional ego to protect. Justifying his employer’s enabling of a psychotic cult by labeling those who chose not to watch as “staying in your silo” is blatant gaslighting (there isn’t an American alive—especially Americans with access to cable news—who isn’t already familiar with the lunacy on display last night), but it’s also incredibly insulting and actually kind of mean, as if Cooper is calling disappointed CNN viewers cowards and pussies. Trump would be proud.

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