Anti-Masker And Anti-Vaxxer Who Called Gay Lawmaker “Cocksucker” Now Dead From COVID

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An Alaska antimask activist who recently called a gay Anchorage official a “cocksucker” has died of COVID-19. Paul Kendall, who ran for office several times without success, used the slur toward Chris Constant, a member of the Anchorage Assembly, during a September 29 meeting on a proposed mask mandate for the city. Now Kendall has died of COVID-19. Dustin Darden, a fellow Alaska political gadfly, posted Tuesday on Facebook that “Paul is now a victim of the global elite.” The post was in a Facebook group called “Alaskans Against Vaccines * Bioweapon Injections.”

Kendall can be seen hurling “cocksucker” at about 2:11 in this video:

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Paul Kendall’s loved ones. May his memory be a blessing.

[Advocate: Antimasker Who Used Gay Slur at Lawmaker Is Now Dead of COVID]

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