Anti-Vax Wack Job RFK Jr. Does Shirtless Push-Ups Ahead Of Fantasy Debate With Joe Biden

Posted June 26, 2023 by with 12 comments

I’m surprised the CIA hasn’t already wiped out this anti-vax conspiracy theory nutjob the same way they did his dad and his uncle. It’d be so easy, given all they’d have to do is expose him to a little bit of measles. Here’s deranged Democratic presidential candidate RFK Jr. doing some weak half push-ups at an outdoor gym yesterday, with a note to his fans that he’s preparing for an imaginary debate with Joe Biden. What kind of weirdo works out in jeans?

In addition to the desperate push-ups video, the loony Kennedy black sheep took a moment to pose for a hot shirtless pic with one of his “supporters” (or, maybe it’s just his personal trainer who’s being paid to wear the hat). It looks like RFK, who’s 69, is on steroids or supplements? Kind of hypocritical for someone who’s always complaining about injecting our bodies with dangerous chemicals.

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