Archeologists Discover Massive Penis Carved Into Ancient Roman Ruins

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There’s no denying it, people have been obsessed with big dick since the beginning of time. 18 inches, in this case. Via DailyMail:

Archaeologists were taken aback when they discovered an 18-inch (half-metre) phallic carving in an ancient Roman settlement known as El Higuerón.

Excavations by the Museo Histórico Local de Nueva Carteya uncovered the bas-relief penis, which was unveiled on the museum’s social media channels last Friday.

El Higuerón, a municipality of Nueva Carteya in Spain, was occupied by Iberians in the 4th century BC until the Roman conquest of the region around 206 BC.

They erected a tower-shaped building on its ruins which is currently being uncovered, and carved the phallus on one of its cornerstones.

Romans believed the symbol was the embodiment of masculine power and brought about protection and good fortune, so depictions have been found throughout Roman culture.

Andrés Roldán, a researcher at the University of Extremadura and director of the museum, described it as ‘unusually large’.

He told El País: “It was common to put them on the facades of houses, and soldiers carried small phallic amulets as symbols of virility.”


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