Assisted Living Employee Admits She Recorded Herself Beating Naked Patient To Prove She Doesn’t “Sit On My Butt All Day”

Posted November 23, 2022 by with 3 comments

This is who’s taking care of the most vulnerable members of our society (whatever’s left of it). Via Law&Crime:

A 26-year-old Wisconsin woman who previously worked at an assisted living facility faces up to two decades behind bars after admitting to filming and distributing a video of herself beating a male patient while he was nude and bound at the ankles.

Aymee J. Matson on Monday appeared before Judge Robert Repischak in Racine County Circuit Court where she formally pleaded guilty to one count of false imprisonment, one count of intentionally abusing a patient causing bodily harm, and one count of capturing an intimate representation for allegedly filming her attack on the patient, court records reviewed by Law&Crime show. Authorities said that the victim has a “diminished mental capacity.”


More at the link, including an explanation from Matson that she recorded herself kicking the naked man in the head repeatedly because the video would “prove” to friends that her “work is difficult,” and that she doesn’t “sit on [her] butt all day.”