Austin & JJ Relationship Update: Filming Scenes, Showering Together, And Fucking LIVE Tonight

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austinjjAs I first reported last week, Austin Wilde and GayHoopla newcomer JJ Swift are most definitely dating, and now I have video/photographic proof! What should their gay porn celebrity portmanteau be? Swilde? Wift? JJustin?

Austin and JJ are so in love, Austin drove to Phoenix this week to film not one but TWO scenes with his new BF. One was filmed yesterday and will appear in the coming weeks on GuysInSweatpants. The second scene will be a LIVE show, and you can watch it tonight, at 7 p.m. PST, on GayHoopla. Again, it’s LIVE tonight, and the recorded version will be released later.

Here’s a new pic of JJ, followed by a shower video I found!


Watch Austin fuck JJ live tonight:

austin-wilde-jj-swift-fuck-duo-from-twitter-meetup-on-gayhoopla[GayHoopla: Austin Wilde Fucks JJ Swift Live Tonight]


  • John McKee

    I don’t get the big deal, JJ Swift admittedly has an amazing ass and a good body but cock and facially, I mean I would totally fuck him but I wouldn’t rating him very high on a list of dream fucks and Austin really doesn’t do anything for me, I think Sean Cody regularly has much hotter pairings and they aren’t that big of a deal.

    • JoshChicago

      it’s fortunate for you that you did not say that Austin was not your “type” as that could have lead to a major hijacking of this promotional post. Whew!

  • Dean

    Embarrassing how he’s trying to hype up a lame gay for pay guy and surely a terrible scene.

    • zach

      Gay for pay?? Not from what I’ve seen…

      • JoshChicago

        does that mean that all gay-for-pay performers have to, in some manner, show their displeasure for what they are doing during their scene? (asking for a friend)

        • lit per

          there’s no such thing as gay-for-pay

    • lit per

      stop your propaganda of heterosexuality

  • JoshChicago

    here’s my portmanteau: jjswwilde

  • GN

    I’ll say this again–People who make a public spectacle of their relationship are more interested in the spectacle than the relationship. They won’t make it to Valentine’s Day.

    • JoshChicago
      • JoshChicago

        My apologies, I, for an insane moment, was channeling Trent Locke and Steven Daigle.

      • sxg

        Did I just see the guy who plays Dean Winchester from Supernatural in there??? Woof! I would want to see this movie just for him!

        • JoshChicago

          Yes! Jensen Ackles.

  • Austin looks like he could be his father and that is not a good thing!

  • Cosmic

    Well if they’re sharing a shower it must be love.

  • sxg

    He’s a hot guy, but I don’t know there’s a chance he is still likely a G4P guy. Have you seen the recent 3-way at Randy Blue with Kurtis Wolfe? He tops both Lance Alexander and Roman Todd, but he also sucks Lance off all the way to the base, and that is quite the accomplishment because Lance is about 9 inches at least. The guy is definitely more towards straight than gay, but he always makes an effort to bring his A game into the studio.

  • Ale Lisboa

    JJ’s sexuality, a cold case, and the same confusion, as I said earlier, was considered heteroflexible, preferred to girls.

    It turns out that this week has changed heteroflexible to be bisexual, according to what has been updated in your personal biography webcam live. then next? be gay, sexual?

    estos chicos cambian de sexualidad como el cambio de ropa interior.

    I’m gay since I have use of reason, thank god I never had confusion about it.