Austin Wolf Would Like $5,000 To Drive Around All Summer

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austingofundmeIt sounds like Colby Keller’s “Colby Does America,” only without all the art porn?

Rentboy and soon-to-be former Randy Blue exclusive (I’ve heard he won’t be renewing his contract due to Randy Blue’s upcoming shift to bareback productions) Austin Wolf joins the parade of gay porn stars with GoFundMe campaigns, and all he wants is $5,000 to drive around in an RV, meet fans, escort, and have hot sex all summer long. Can I come with?

this is to get the costs of the RV, gas and hotels

1st stop: Dallas, TX for purple party
May 8th through the 10th

driving the 11th

2nd stop: Pheonix, AZ
May 12th through the 14th

driving the 15th (quick 6 hour trip)

3rd stop: Long Beach, CA for Pride
May 15th through the 17th

driving the 18th

4th stop: Kansas City, MO
May 9th through the 21st

Austin Wolf is hot, but I’m pretty sure he’s not magic. How does he plan on being in two places at the same time? May 9th through the 21st in Kansas City while also being in Phoenix and Long Beach May 8th through the 17th? Maybe it’s a typo.

The schedule goes on (and on, and on, and on…) all the way to July, with Austin Wolf driving back and forth across the country multiple times, and even heading up to Toronto, Canada at the end. All that driving sounds like a nightmare, not to mention living out of an RV and/or cheap motels for three months. My prediction: The road trip will be cut short by the end of May.

If it makes you feel good to give people money to go on vacation, donate here.


  • Randall

    People do what works for them. I want to know who is actually giving money to these guys? They aren’t in need, do they go around and fuck everyone who contributes?

  • sxg

    The sad part about this is he’ll probably get the money. The guy is the epitome of a muscle queen and from what I hear he’s not very well liked, and running out of money. He’s always said he makes most of his money escorting, so if he’s running out of money then he might not be doing as well.

  • Todd

    ” ….. I knew Colby Keller. Colby Keller was a friend of mine. Austin Wolf , you are no Colby Keller.”


    Why would anyone just give money to these guys. They get paid to Fuck and you pay to see it. If anything these guys should want to spoil there fans that support them. 5,000 for appearances at gay events that he is probably already getting paid to be at. * rolling eyes* – Save your money and donate to a charity at least you get something in return. !!!!!

    • McM.

      You added another level of contempt towards this campaign.

      I forgot they get paid for their appearances at events.

      • sxg

        Yea they pay for events, but clubs/bars are less inclined to pay for appearances if they have to shell out for flight and hotel costs, so people are donating to make him more accessible to get paid. Yea, awful.

        • LEVITICUS

          True just using the gay dollar to the max – SMDH

  • Alan Keddie

    And I’d love to not have to work in the same DEAD END JOB that I have been now for almost 15 years.

  • Zoompietro

    If he’s going to be escorting while he’s touring, isn’t he basically asking people to pay him $5,000 so he can get paid to have sex?

  • Diesel Washington


  • DC

    Oh god. He also listed his actual name on the gofundme page. Be careful bro.

    • McM.

      Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think legal names have to used for GoFundMe pages.

      In any case, the name “Justin Smith” is so basic (as in common) that’s it GOT to be real.

      • DC

        While we’re on the subject of basic “Justin Smith” things… I’m gonna leave this here.

        • sxg

          Yea someone showed off that video and the article awhile back. The 2nd video is FAR worse and goes to show how Justin/Austin is absolutely insane in real life and living in a world where he thinks he has his own set of rules and no one else does.

          • John

            Mickey looks awful familiar….should I know who he is?

        • McM.

          So, I watched both parts of THROUPLE.

          I wonder if they are all still together….

          jk. I don’t care.

  • sxg

    Here’s a cunty comment he made when someone wished him luck on the campaign!

    • GN

      Wow. That is a truly douchy and ratchet comment. I dont understand these people. If you’re a porn star, your career is contingent on having fans who LIKE you and wanna watch you fuck. So why the fuck are they so reckless with the mouth on social media?

      • John

        Some guys get turned on by that type of attitude and he said please…..he’s not my type but at least you know where you stand with him…..

  • DrunkEnough

    Anyone want to join me in a GoFundMe campaign for spike strips to be laid on the roads into Dallas on the 8th, Phoenix on the 12th, Long Beach on the 15th, and my eyes if another one of these cunty GoFundMe campaigns is mounted?

  • Todd

    Keep preaching, Zach. Sadly, two fucktards have donated for a total of $ 50. The more attention brought to these lazy asses, the less likely they’ll get much $$$. If all of them keep doing GFM campaigns, they’ll flood the site and fans will just ignore them all until they go away.

  • Cosmic

    Great another greedy lazy whore begging for money, I guess pay in porn really does suck these days.

  • loyalty888

    My guess is he’s asking for so little because he’s going to be paid to attend these events AND he’s expecting to make some money escorting along the way.

  • Quick check of his progress thus far reveals he only has two anonymous donors…maybe he needs to unlock the door and post on craigslist to get this party going?

  • John

    Clearly a typo should be the 19th….hey at least he’s honest about what the money is for….more power to him if he can find guys who want to fund his 2 month voyage across the southwest…..