Save The Date: June 22nd, 2017

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str8up-logo_awards_v2Get ready


  • Mike Julius

    Finally, a gay porn awards show I can respect.

  • Mokojojo

    The gaymer in me knows that FFXIV: Stormblood comes out 2 days earlier and will just consume my time/wreck my sleep cycle >.>

  • pangelboy

    Wow, I can’t wait! What will the awards be called? The Str8ies?

  • Andrew

    I thought you would have a show in Palm Springs.

  • Maximus

    Your very own awards ceremony in NYC? How extravagant! You’re really moving up in the world, Zach! Congrats!

    P.S. I actually am being sincere…for once.

    • Will G

      Where does it say NYC? Not that we wouldn’t love to host it Zach! I’m sure Duckface would gladly attend.

      Edit: I know I know, I hadn’t clicked the link. NYC it is!!!

      • WhimsyCotton

        On the website for the Awards. It’s in the “Get ready…” link.

        • Will G

          Thanks, I discovered that right after I posted.

  • Tellingthetruth

    WOW, Amazing! This should be interesting. Who is the celebrity icon host? Is it going to be a real celebrity or a gay porn celebrity? Hmmmmm……

    • WhimsyCotton

      Neil Patrick Harris maybe? He enjoys Sean Cody.

      • sxg

        I’d really like to know what he thinks of Sean Cody now! If he ever shows up on WWHL someone should send him a question asking him about the state of the site and if he still has a membership.

        • WhimsyCotton

          I’m sure he has contacts with the high end escorts like CF’s Connor to help him relieve those old days in a more personal way.

    • Marik Ishtar

      Why not both? Get Dustin Lance Black to do it!

      • sxg

        That won’t happen if he ever found Zach’s most recent comment on Dustin’s mini-series When We Rise, and also some past comments I think he made about his relationship with Tom Daly.

    • sxg

      Something in between I’m sure. So more than likely a Drag Race drag queen. My bet is on Bianca Del Rio.

      • Tellingthetruth

        I think that’s too obvious plus it says celebrity icon i don’t think anyone would say Bianca is an icon?

        • sxg

          Except for someone who calls 2 twinks a power couple lol

          • Tellingthetruth

            ouch! well that’s tongue in cheek satire

  • McM.

    I’m most excited to learn the names of the categories.

  • sxg

    Oh god, this means RyRo and the Helix models will probably win everything…

    • Jinx, The Loose Cannon

      yep. the most annoying thing about this site. the obsessed with horse faced Ryan Rose and his poop tooth

  • Marik Ishtar

    May I suggest we have the Razzies of gay porn?

    Categories include:
    -Worst Top & Bottom
    -Most Annoying Moans
    -Worst Set Design & Soundtrack
    -Worst delivery of a niche fetish
    -Most Ridiculous Set-up for a Sex Scene
    -Worst Studio (overall)
    -Worst Performer (overall)
    -Worst Comeback/Retiree Performance
    -Most Tragic Waste of Hot Men/Worst Gangbang
    -and finally the “What Were They Thinking?” Award

    • Dazzer

      Also, worst socks

      • Myles from SC. He has holes in his.

      • goosegui

        Dirty Feet…

    • DaveAtom

      All categories are on point. Make this happen. Bravo!!

    • Jimmy Durano & Brandon
      Johnny V
      Sketchy Sex/Falcon
      Anything family related
      Sean Cody
      Will Braun
      Markie More / Leo Gamiani’s Star Trek parody
      SC’s “awful” press release

  • Joi Says
  • groovy.

    this is going to be shady as fuuuuuck. I am so ready!!!!

  • WhimsyCotton

    “The First Annual Mariah No-Middle-Name Carey Award for excellence in shading goes to…”

  • BoomPow

    Best short clip. Dallas Steele, in a sling, getting barebacked by Cutler X on Twitter!

  • Zealot

    I’m particularly interested in the “Best Furniture in a Sex Scene” category. Normally I would have thought it was the White Chair’s year, but a strong showing by the black ottoman is going to make this an interesting race. And let’s just hope “Best Walk-Off Sex Scene After Breaking an Odious Ersatz Contract” is going to be a category as well as “Most Anticipated Parole of a Porn Star in 2017”, makes it to Zach’s list. My fingers are crossed that things work out so that Jarec can be out for Christmas. The holidays without our favorite gun-weidling extortionist on the gay porn scene is just UNTHINKABLE.

  • Scrapple

    If you stay ready you ain’t got to get ready.

    Three months? Porn bitches gonna be working on their catwalk like

    Obviously shade is going to be served for dessert, but what’s the entrĂ©e? I’m anticipating fricassee cunt with roasted red pepper couscous. And I imagine there would be some sort of fish option for those nominees who don’t eat meat. With Crystal and Coke to wash it down, ‘natch.

  • Porn Star

    LOL I’m sure these matter LOL

    • Alex Normul

      At least you portray that you can do Gay Porn and still have a small dick. (Is that a category)