Get Well Soon! Make-Up Artist Bambi Hospitalized After Severe Injury

Posted November 25, 2013 by with 2 comments


NextDoorStudios make-up artist and all-around Queen of all things Bambi was admitted to the hospital last week after reportedly breaking her leg.

No word on how she was injured (rough sex with boyfriend James Jamesson is obviously the first thing that comes to mind), as Bambi is keeping the details to herself. Whatever the cause, get well soon, Bambi! All those pimply twinks need you back on set ASAP.



  • Bull

    lol @ pimply twinks..what about the guys with “bacne”? Seriously, get well soon Bambi!

  • Marcus Collack

    Oh Bambi, you came and you covered my acne, and I need you today oh——- Bambi.