Bernie Sanders Has Highest Favorability Rating Of All 2024 Contenders

Posted August 27, 2022 by with 4 comments

As much as I love him, I don’t think Bernie will run again, given that he’ll be 83 years old at the time of the 2024 election, and I would hope he knows that’s just too old to be President of the United States. Biden will be 82, and I don’t think he’ll be running in 2024 either. He’s done a fine job the last two years, but I want the person holding the most stressful and important job in the entire world to be under the retirement age of 65, please. Via TheHill:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) clocked in with the highest favorability rating among a list of 23 potential 2024 presidential contenders, according to a new USA Today-Ipsos poll.

Forty-six percent of respondents said they had at least a somewhat favorable view toward Sanders, while 41 percent said they had an unfavorable opinion.

President Biden had the second-highest favorability rating at 43 percent, although his unfavorability rating was notably higher than Sanders’s, with 52 percent of those surveyed saying they had an unfavorable opinion of the president. Former President Trump clocked in with the same ratings as Biden.

Vice President Harris and former Vice President Mike Pence both received favorable ratings from at least 40 percent of respondents, earning the third- and fourth-highest figures among the candidates, respectively.

Biden and his aides insist he plans to run for a second term in 2024 if his health allows, although some Democrats have dodged questions about supporting Biden’s reelection bid amid his low approval numbers.


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