Biden On Whether People Should Wear Masks On Planes: “That’s Up To Them”

Posted April 19, 2022 by with 6 comments

I thought one of our government’s main jobs was to offer guidance and recommendations to protect our health (especially on urgent matters like, say, a pandemic), but now, they apparently have no recommendations. Via TheHill:

President Biden on Tuesday said whether to wear a mask on an airplane should be an individual choice after a federal judge blocked a requirement for passengers on public transportation to be masked.

“Should people continue to wear masks on planes?” a reporter asked Biden during a trip to New Hampshire to promote infrastructure projects.

“That’s up to them,” the president responded.

So, up until yesterday, Biden’s message was that masks were a crucial tool used in the fight against the virus. Today? Meh, it’s up to you. What a leader.

To be clear: Public health measures that are mandated or required by law is one thing that many can reasonably disagree on. But simply recommending and encouraging something (like strongly recommending that people wear masks on planes) is a completely different—and completely harmless—thing. Biden couldn’t even do this, and instead has thrown his hands in the air, solely because he’s afraid of all the seats Democrats will lose in the midterm elections. And if he won’t even do so much as to encourage masks (instead of his “it’s up to you” nonsense) after the MAGA judge’s court ruling, doesn’t this signal to everyone that Biden never really believed in them from the beginning, and they were in fact never needed? This is, of course, not true (studies continue to prove that masks are effective in reducing transmission), but it’s a reminder of how weak and feckless Biden is.

And if you thought air travel was horrific before, just wait until even more flights are canceled due to stewardesses and pilots calling out sick with COVID.

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