Biden Sinks To New Low In Latest WSJ Poll, With Trump Beating Him By 6 Points, Haley Beating Him By 17!

Posted December 9, 2023 by with 9 comments

The good news is, the more these horrendous polls keep coming out, the quicker the idiotic Democrats might be to replace ol’ sleepy Joe, ridding the White House of the genocidal octogenarian once and for all. My prediction for the Biden drop out has always been “sometime next summer,” but now I’m officially changing it to no later than May of 2024.

Unless the Democrats want four more years of Trump (or, assuming he’s sent to prison sometime in the next 10 months, four years of worthless MAGA whore Nikki Haley), they need to replace Biden with someone fresh, smart, baggage-free, and new, and they need to do it NOW. Continual support of Joe Biden is absolutely fucking deranged, and you do so at your own peril. Here’s the latest disastrous poll from the WSJ, conducted over cell phone, landline, and web last week:

Biden lags behind Trump by 4 percentage points, 47% to 43%, on a hypothetical ballot with only those two candidates. Trump’s lead expands to 6 points, 37% to 31%, when five potential third-party and independent candidates are added to the mix.

Some 37% approve of Biden’s job performance, a low in Journal polling during his presidency, while 61% see his overall image in an unfavorable light, a record high. “Bidenomics,” the president’s signature economic platform, is viewed favorably by less than 30% of voters and unfavorably by more than half.

While the poll finds Trump with a dominating lead in the Republican primary, with nearly 60% support, it suggests that Nikki Haley would be the stronger general-election candidate. Haley, a former South Carolina governor and U.N. ambassador, tops Biden in a test match-up by 17 points, 51% to 34%, compared with Trump’s four-point lead.