Biden’s Approval Among Democrats Falls To Record Low, Dropping 11 Points

Posted October 26, 2023 by with 4 comments

Joe Biden’s support among Democratic voters has dropped to a record low of just 75%, down over 11 points since the same poll was taken last month, according to Gallup. More numbers and more details below.

Biden’s support for Israel’s bloody genocide in Gaza and their slaughtering of innocent babies, journalists, and other civilians definitely isn’t helping. And for those who aren’t oblivious to the economic crisis here at home, gas is still $6 per gallon in California, and you can’t get out of a grocery store every week without spending $200. And yet, we’re all going to be chipping in on Biden’s requested $100 billion to fund other countries’ wars around the world. Meanwhile, I have a $430 car registration bill due in a couple of weeks that I’m not sure how I’m going to pay. Guess I’ll put it on a credit card. Oh yeah, we’re also in a pandemic that’s killing close to 10,000 people every month while maiming or causing severe long term health problems for thousands more, but we’re not allowed to talk about that (let alone ask for better treatments, better vaccines, or actual health care that doesn’t bankrupt the average person, if it doesn’t kill them first). Of course, Biden’s poll numbers don’t really matter, since he’s not going to be the nominee next November. Via Axios:

Joe Biden’s approval rating among Democrats has plummeted to a record low of 75% — down a staggering 11 percentage points over just the last month, according to a new Gallup poll conducted between Oct. 2 and Oct. 23.

Biden is at risk of alienating members of his own party with his unequivocal support for Israel, which has carried out a weeks-long bombardment and total siege of Gaza in response to Hamas’ Oct. 7 terrorist attacks.

An annual Gallup poll conducted in February found that Democrats sympathized more with Palestinians than Israelis for the first time in the survey’s two-decade history.