Billy Santoro “Permanently Suspended” From Twitter Due To Nudity

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Billy Santoro’s husband took to Twitter this afternoon to explain why the “leaked and loaded” performer’s account has been suspended since at least Tuesday of this week. The reason? Adult content.

leakedWhile Twitter does allow adult content in tweets—Str8UpGayPorn and tens of thousands of other users post pornographic images and videos every day—a user’s profile and header image can not contain nudity. A stupid rule, but a rule nonetheless.

This cached version of Santoro’s Twitter profile reveals that he was in fact displaying nudity in his header image:


Str8UpGayPorn was similarly suspended from Twitter last year for unknowingly displaying nudity in a header image, but we were allowed to resume use of the service once we removed the image. It’s not clear why Santoro was “permanently” suspended for the same offense.

Billy Santoro has relied heavily—if not single-handedly—on his significant Twitter following to promote his long-delayed amateur porn site, “Leaked And Loaded,” where he’s promised to pay performers $50 for iPhone clips of them having bareback sex. Guess he’ll have to start over again building up all those followers he liked to brag about.


  • Awai_Moon

    I cant right now I just cant even …..

  • sxg
    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving cunt!

    And while a high amount of twatter followers looks nice, it means absolutely nothing about how much they love you. Just ask Austin Wolf when she had over 80k twatter followers when her $5000 GoFundMe begging failed.

    • Awai_Moon

      That gif is so me when I read that… not to self do not drink wine while reading entertaining shit like this

      • sxg

        Oh that’s ok, just buy your boxes in pairs so you always have a spare!

    • Gazzaq

      Damn say what you mean…

  • robirob

    Stupid rule, but it’s their social network playground and they make the rules which you have to obey if you want to play in their sandbox.

  • sanfv

    Damnit! I was too late to use this gif on him!

    • Maximus

      That meme belongs to Hillary now, dear.

      • Mike Julius

        Shill probably copyright it.

  • McM.

    The “permanent” part of the suspension is likely due to Billy Santoro using Twitter to distribute a video of him pushing cum out of his asshole.

    • Scrapple

      I thought he did that on Periscope. Or did he take that act on the road across the interwebs?

      • McM.

        It was on twitter for a quick beat.

        It’s a waste of time to create separate media for each platform, but you gotta know when to edit. NC-17 media is fine for most channels as a teaser to get people to click a link to the main site where the x-rated shit is stored.

  • Scrapple
  • Todd

    Billy Santoro nudity ? It’s NO BIG THING ………really.

    ….. also I’m always suspect of accounts with 100+thousand followers ………and most posts with less than 1000 likes.

  • Greg

    I know the real reason his account was permanently deleted

    • Todd
    • Ben

      He’s not ugly. He’s facially challenged.

    • WhimsyCotton

      Wow. Attractivism has no place in the gay community!

      • Ed Woody

        Surely in the gay porn industry it’s pretty much the entire point?

        • WhimsyCotton

          But we have to love each other and accept ourselves the way we are, right?

          • Ed Woody

            Ordinarily, out in the real world, I’d agree with you. But this is an industry that is specifically designed around judging people on their physical attributes. It literally is the be-all-and-end-all.
            Now, if Billy were physically not my type but still the loveliest person in the world, I wouldn’t necessarily be a fan of his porn but I would not belittle him as a person either. I’d just leave it neutral. However, since Billy is both physically repulsive to me AND a horrible person who I dislike on a personal basis, I have no problem calling him ugly, since it applies in both senses.

          • Greg

            THIS right here

          • Greg


          • Greg


          • WhimsyCotton

            I was totally doing some kind of sarcastic gag. Probably being some devil’s advocate SJW. Ignore it, as I don’t even know where I was going with it.

          • gaysiantwink

            I got it, idk why that user took you seriously, is attractivism even a term? lol

          • WhimsyCotton

            I checked Urban Dictionary, and apparently, it is!

  • Todd

    Zach —- your knowledge of Twitter’s users profile and header image rules is ……. faaaascinaaaating.

  • OverKill

    Good, if you don’t know the rules of twitter by now and been a member for quite some time, then you deserve what you get.

  • jimboivyo


  • Xzamilloh

    Good on you, Twitter. You’re still a bastion for SJW nonsense, but good on you

  • Maximus
  • cphotee

    Most interesting about all this to me is he still has his hot husband.

    • Jeff Shew

      A husband–who by Billy’s own admission–is FAR more unpleasant than he is.

  • Zealot

    [Sung to the tune of “I Feel Pretty”]

    I can’t twitter
    In a dither
    I can’t twitter
    Because I’ve been bad
    And I’m pissed-off
    ‘coz I can’t be showin’ my nads!

    I feel naked
    Oh so naked
    It’s alarming how naked I am
    So on Twitter
    My peen has been permanently banned!

    See the naked man in on my Twitter page?
    Whose can that leaking ass be?
    Such a cummy ooze
    Such a gaping hole
    Such a runny goo
    Such a shitty mess
    Such a slutty ME!

  • Ed Woody

    I must be constipated, because I’m having really hard time giving a shit about this.

  • DAK23

    Hey, if you violate the rules, you suffer the consequences. I can’t say that I’m sad to see him go – when he was in Cleveland for CLAW he hit me up on Scruff. After a few minutes I realized that he wasn’t propositioning me because he thought I was cute or anything, he wanted me to pay him. To hell with that.

  • Parker Lewis

    I know why his account was suspended but unfortunately the queen has better things to do.