Blake Mitchell Urges Fans To Vote In The Midterm Elections: “Your Voice Matters!”

Posted November 5, 2018 by with 7 comments


In just a few hours, polls will open and voting will begin in the midterm elections, and Blake Mitchell has just posted the below video to remind his followers of how important tomorrow (or today, depending on when you’re reading this) is for American democracy. As Blake says, be sure to get out and vote tomorrow, because every vote counts, and every voice matters:

Find your polling place here.

While I don’t always support every Democrat in every election, this year and this election is obviously different, and I hope everyone votes blue (i.e., Democrat) down the line in every race, ensuring that the bigoted lunatic in the White House and all the Republican slobs furthering his agenda lose complete control of Congress.

Here are a few other tweets and messages from other stars and performers over the last couple days, with regard to the election:

  • Xzamilloh

    Ty Mitchell’s tweet was the only one that not only actually stated a position but made note of how it is virtually impossible to get representatives that are willing to take positions or push for legislation that will help the lives/livelihoods of their constituents. The DNC knows that medicare for all is a big Democratic issue, but the response has been “Vote and maybe we’ll possibly look into that one day in the distant future when you’re all dead.”

    This race shouldn’t even be close, but it is. 2 years later, and it’s fucking close. Goddammit go vote

  • James Johnson III

    This is so true. With the awful impact that this horrific administration has had on sex workers and what they are trying to do to LGBTQ+ people (especially Trans folks), if we say we are all together as a community, we have to come together and fight for our brothers and sisters under attack by this administration. We have to vote Blue and fight back against what’s trying to be done against us

  • Scrapple

    I’m going to be honest. That Blake vid did not make me think about the importance of voting. Because it’s Blake Mitchell. In a park. Wearing a “KY” pullover. Which makes me think of KY Jelly. Which makes me think of Blake’s dick lathered in lube attacking an unsuspecting, quivering asshole. I would so let Blake fill in my ballot.

    I super ready for these elections to be over. I’m tired of the pamphlets stuffed in my mailbox. And people ringing my doorbell and stuffing more pamphlets in my door several times a week. And the phone calls. And the signs. And all the backbiting commercials on tv and radio. I’m drained. Hopefully I get up early enough to do it first thing in the morning, so I won’t have to deal with the crowds after work. I’m trying to remain positive about the outcome. I don’t think I can take another two years of The Man in the High Castle getting his daily gloat on.

    • Eclipse

      I feel all of this. Add to that the fact that I feel like I developed PTSD the night of the 2016 election. Having a Blake of my own would’ve really helped my anxiety that night. Hang in there, Scrap, you’re in good company.

      • c_find

        Not sure if your second sentence was just hyperbole, but a lot of people actually did there was a study that came out that their was a spike in therapist visits after the election especially among, ethnic , Jews and People of the LGBTQX community. I feel bad for You guys ( Americans) you been bombarded with politics and divisive angry rhetoric on both sides non stop. It takes a toll on people.

        • Eclipse

          Not hyperbole sadly. I don’t have PTSD (thank God) but I didn’t sleep that night because of how anxious I was. Yesterday’s election was better but the fact that so many people turned up for that Oompa Loompa’s minions once again is still baffling to me.

  • bloodhound

    It’s a hard pill to swallow that a rednecks vote could impact the whole world. America being in everybodies bussiness. I’m from Europe so I dont get all hyped up about these things because polititians where I come from are corrupted to their bone marrow .I still vote though , every time. It’s just funny to see how this nation lives in a bubble. Things were very clear some years ago. With only two leading parties. Now I guess the guilt from electing Trump has sinked in and they are in need of a change yet again…