Bobi, The Oldest Living Dog Of All Time, Dies At 31

Posted October 23, 2023 by with 2 comments

31! I pray every day that I’ll have even 15 years with Joey. The average life span for most dogs is around 13, so Bobi’s 31 years is truly unheard of. In fact, I first wondered if this was one of those weird European tabloid stories with no basis in reality, but Bobi’s age was confirmed by Guinness, multiple veterinarians, and of course his owners in Portugal. Bobi’s death at 31 years old was reported by BBC:

Guinness World Record holder Bobi, a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo, passed away at his home in Portugal on Saturday.

His death was announced on social media by a veterinarian who met Bobi several times.

“Despite outliving every dog in history, his 11,478 days on earth would never be enough, for those who loved him,” wrote Dr Karen Becker.


Video reporting Bobi’s passing:

And a video from earlier this year reporting on Bobi’s long life, as well as his Guinness Book of World Records achievement as the oldest living dog of all time: