Body Cam Footage Shows Cops Chasing Completely Naked Man Alongside Wisconsin Freeway

Posted February 9, 2024 by with 1 comment

No matter the circumstances or obstacles in their way, the American man’s desire to be naked in public can’t be stopped. This one crashed his car through a guardrail on a Wisconsin freeway and then tried to escape police while running down Interstate 94 in the buff. It’s not clear if he was driving while nude, but when cops showed up, he was already naked and running away. He was eventually apprehended and charged with driving while intoxicated, but all I can think about is what his dick and balls must’ve felt like smushed against that freezing asphalt. Video via TND:

It’s somewhat homoerotic how the cops start talking about the naked man’s body near the end of the video while making comments on his physique, noting, “He’s a big guy! He looks like he plays ball, he’s a big guy.” Hot. As is so often the case with these naked men, this one looks really cute, once you finally get a good glimpse of his face. Hope he gets the help that he needs.