Boomer Banks Eats Pizza, Liam Riley And Levi Karter Drink Beer, And Tayte Hanson Looks Hot In Cazwell Video

Posted May 6, 2015 by with 11 comments

boomer1I thought gay porn stars didn’t do carbs, but I guess being in a Cazwell video was cause for a cheat day.

Did Boomer order bacon on his pizza?


Who knew Liam Riley and Levi Karter drank beer?

leviliam And Tayte Hanson, just being generally hot and shaking his ass.

tayteThe song is called “Downtown,” but do not ask me what in the world it’s supposed to be about. (Something to do with getting high, at least in part?) This video is hotter than Cazwell’s last one (which also featured Tayte Hanson, who must be his muse?), mostly because it doesn’t feature Levi Michaels.

  • Brian Sky

    Yes, this is kinda hot!

  • Todd

    Funny internet panhandler shade !
    Levi M probably wanted to charge Cazwell $15K for an appearance
    To be fair …. you never really see Boomer eat the pizza and Liam and Levi K pretty much only lick the bottle

  • Fyber

    IDK what this is and I have yet to click on any links but I LOVE watching bottoms Worship! That 3rd pic from the top where both of those bottoms are licking on what ever that is was refreshing for a blog like this that’s ran by a cross dresser and other assorted bottoms.

  • burrlaburr

    Love Cazwell! This is one of his best videos in a long time. Love that he’s in the tight little briefs most of the time, although I still wish he’d show us his booty along with all the others. 🙂

  • Donkeyteefus

    i liked when u used to caution “watch with sound off” for cazwell videos

  • sxg

    Boomer better watch her calories because she can’t afford to gain anything other than muscle! Her floppy dick won’t save her forever!

    • Bull


  • sxg

    It’s funny that the regular guys are hotter than the pornstars. And this one is still by far my favorite Cazwell video! The guys in the video are just… ugh!

  • dat bish

    I love Cazwell’s music except for that trash ice cream song. Tayte Hanson is nice to look at but he’s too much of a try hard to keep my interest.

  • Robert

    When does he get the Iggy Azalea treatment? Or do we ignore his lack of talent because he has hot guys in his video?

  • Zealot

    Where the hell do you get that coffee table?!