[UPDATED] To Whom Is Boomer Banks Referring In This Tweet?

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You can always ask him yourself on Twitter, but isn’t it more fun to speculate? Besides, that’s all anyone can do since Boomer Banks didn’t tag anyone in his tweet.

Which #basic, “self-proclaimed king of porn” needs to “get grateful,” according to Boomer Banks? Leave your best guess in the comments below!

Update: One name you can definitely cross off the speculation list? Ryan Rose.


  • stephen

    Jake Bass calls himself “Porn Royalty” on his twitter bio – but I’m pretty sure they were on good terms?

    • sxg

      Oh all these porn cunts are bigger flip floppers than Boomer’s flaccid dick. They love each other one minute then hate each other the next.

  • McM.

    Ryan Rose

  • James

    The king aka queen himself

    • sxg

      That is actually a hot gif.

      • Odetofear

        The dude’s a god. It would be pretty hard to be that good looking and humble

        • sxg

          LMFAO no, no he’s definitely NOT a god, far from it. He just looks hot in that gif, that is all I meant by my comment. He’s not the hottest thing out there, but he is far from ugly in my opinion. His unique looks certainly aren’t for everyone, but his personality definitely isn’t for anyone.

      • TheSagaOf

        I agree.

      • James

        He may be a jackass but I’d definitely fuck him. I might keep his mouth covered but I’d still do him.

  • Todd

    Apparently someone is NOT Boomer’s Captain ………. http://www.animated-gifs.eu/leisure-cinema-mister-t/0006.gif

  • R.A.M.J

    There are WAY too many gay porn stars that fit that description.

  • Okosan

    Johnny Rapid ?
    Ryan Rose ?

  • Part of me really hopes he just called Michael Lucas basic, but it seems more likely that it’s Ryan Rose.

    • Okosan

      I agree probably Ryan or Maybe Michael, hopefully it’s Johnny rapid lol.

  • Jay

    This could be anyone.

  • Stanford White

    Zayn Malik

  • sxg

    Austin Wolf or your bestie RyRo.

  • Yup yup

    My guess was jake bass. That kid doesn’t have a humble bone in his body.

  • cainenyc

    Rocco Steele?

  • Alan. P. (Hansen)

    Felicia gets a little bitchy from time to time.

  • Boots
  • Zealot

    For clarification, is a “fuxing place” some actual place where one fuxes? And is “fuxes” the past perfect tense for “faxes”? If so, I think it’s perfectly correct to help friends by reminding them to always know their fuxing place. I mean, seen in context this message is actually a public service announcement akin to know where your fire extinguisher is located.

    • sexnando


  • Dazzer

    Absolutely nothing to add to this other than I really, really really loved the ‘To whom’ construction.

    Anyone else would have written ‘Who is’.

    I fucking love this site. And yes. For all the wrong reasons.

  • Myko

    I saw the headline and thought great a twiter meltdown.

    Alas not even a 1 on the Richter scale :-(

    I guess Boomer isn’t getting much publicity any other way.

  • Porn Star

    I love Boomer. xoxo

  • 1tocum

    My first thought was Cliff Jensen but then I remembered his narcissist ass is behind bars. Check out his most recent mug shot.

    • WhimsyCotton

      He doesn’t seem to be sleeping well. :(

      • sxg

        lol what got deleted? lol

      • sxg

        Haha nevermind Disqus app is still showing it. I think he looks hot in this pic for some reason, hotter than before all of this.

  • 1tocum

    My first thought was Cliff Jensen but then I remembered his narcissist ass is behind bars

    • sexnando

      what? omg

      • 1tocum

        Yea like 6 months ago, he was hauled back to Florida when his Girlfriend rumored to be known as Kirra Moon called in his warrant to the Florida Feds because he knocked up another chick. It was posted everywhere. on str8up, the sword, menofporn. There was a hilarious go fund me for like 25K to buy him food and lotion in jail haha. His twitter is being run by a friend says he will be out in 11-15 months. Wonder what the percentage is of gay porn actors that go to jail vs gay for pay that go to jail.

  • WhimsyCotton

    He didn’t hold back did he?

  • yaoirabbit

    Funny thing about this is that a month ago, I reached out to Boomer Banks because I liked his work. But he wasn’t really nice to me. While there’s no bitterness on my part, I do think he should take his own advice before putting out tweets like this.

    • Mihcael Davies

      Boomer has his head so far up his ass, I don’t get it at all. Just because of some queens thirst over your big dick? He needs to get over himself

  • Mark Anthony Vitelli
    • Oscar Rodriquez

      Duncan Black is SOOOOOO CUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!

  • Hunter O’Porn

    I think it’s Ryan Rose. He definitely comes off that way where his Twitter profile said he was a Falcon A Team captain. I think Falcon gave Ryan Rose that A Team Captain just to appease him and not pay him any more. I forget which Wall Street firm it was but after two years with a company everyone becomes a VP with out a pay raise. They only do it because people eat that shit up and it makes them sound much more important than they really are. . Also I loved how when the announced this A Team bullshit they promoted Ryan’s social media savvy. Yes, he may be active on twitter but I wouldn’t say he knows how to use it the right way. Starting twitter fights is not professional behavior, but after all he is a porn star with anger issues.

  • FooFight

    One thing’s for sure – it’s not his English teacher.

  • Alias74

    Douchiot Ryan Rose…it’s gotta be!

  • Jordan

    Why is this bridge troll still in porn though? If it wasn’t for that ugly looking mandingo of his, he wouldn’t even be a thing. Flat ass, ugly face, just gross.

  • kkdd1

    It has to be RYRO after all didnt he once refer to himself as the king of porn ?

  • I was thinking Cody C but why bother, and now I’m thinking Brent Corrigan.

  • John

    My guess its Jake Bass, him and Brent got into a pissing contest a couple of days ago…