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The last time Michael Lucas’ troubled bareback gay porn company released a bareback orgy with a bunch of people you’ve never heard of, customers canceled their memberships. Well, now things are sort of looking up?! With the release of today’s bareback orgy on Lucas Entertainment, at least one customer isn’t closing his account. Instead, he’s just bored as fuck:

boringThe scene in question, if you want to join Dimitri in his boredom:

Toby Dutch Rides Raw Cock in a Bareback Foursome

Consider this a precursor of sorts to the bang gang that Toby Dutch found himself in the middle of. If you’ll recall, when he walked over to the Visconti triplets ready to ride raw uncut cock and suck some foreskin, he had a little bit of a waddle in his walk. That’s because he was getting his ass slammed here before ever introducing brotherly love into the equation. Toby Dutch hungrily services Franko Gold, Ricky Bombay, and Mike in this hot foursome of gay bareback sex!

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