Botox Might Help Beat Erectile Dysfunction

Posted November 4, 2022 by with 11 comments


Good news for some of your favorite gay-for-pay porn stars. Botox sounds like a longer-lasting, less dangerous version of Trimix (which is only supposed to last for a few hours). Via DailyMail:

Scientists say Botox might also smooth out erectile difficulties in men.

Injecting impotent men straight into their penis relaxes the organ, allowing blood to rush into it. Belgian urologists said the treatment showed ‘clear benefit’, although further studies are needed.

Fresh research, published in the journal Urology, reviewed seven studies on Botox and erectile dysfunction. The studies, involving 362 men, dated back to the 1990s and included human and animal data.

Effectiveness was measured using the erection hardness scale. It quantifies erection strength on a four-point scale, ranging from zero (penis does not enlarge) to four (penis is completely hard and fully rigid).

They also measured blood flow into the penis with an ultrasound and surveyed men to determine the extent of their erectile dysfunction before and after treatment.

One study showed around half of those given Botox responded positively on all three counts up to three months later.

But the effects had worn off after six months.

Another showed 40 per cent of impotent men given an injection were able to have sex three months after the treatment.


Even if Botox were 100% effective and I needed it, I would literally never have sex again rather than inject something into my penis. Jesus Christ.