BREAKING: Mike Dozer’s Mug Shot Finally Released To Public

Posted April 25, 2014 by with 24 comments

Nothing new to report since I published Mike Dozer/Christopher Steele’s federal indictment last weekend (both his trials are still set to resume in the coming weeks), but those of you who’ve been waiting to see his mug shot can finally view it below. Above, a local news report covering the District Attorney and U.S. Attorney’s joint press conference this morning, in which they revealed the mug shot, along with five other suspects involved in what’s being called a “major child porn bust.” Also worth noting: Of the six suspects, four (including Steele/Dozer) are accused of sex crimes with the same 14-year-old boy. And, one of the suspects, Paul Gavin Britton, already committed suicide while awaiting arraignment.

Christopher Steele’s mug shot:


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