[Updated] Brent Everett Launches $20,000 GoFundMe For Underwear Line

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nder[UPDATE: As seen below, Brent Everett has changed the GoFundMe goal. Instead of $10,000, he would now like you to give him $20,000. He’s still only raised $300 of that goal.]


We haven’t had a good gay porn star GoFundMe in what feels like months (maybe everyone is too busy launching OnlyFans accounts?), but we’ve got one today! It’s from gay porn icon Brent Everett, and it’s for an underwear line he’d like to launch called “King Cock Underwear.” Via Brent Everett’s GoFundMe:

I am one of the largest adult entertainers in the world today. I am looking to launch a new underwear line called “King Cock” underwear. Please help me raise money to reach my dream. Money will cover costs associated with design, manufacturing and launching the brand worldwide along with private investment. I would be forever grateful to all of those of you who donate…I will also be keeping track of donators and offering special discounts or offering loyal customer packages in the future when the line is launched as a special  thank you for your support!!!!

So far, the campaign has raised $300, but it’s also received one very negative comment, from someone named Matthew Amato:

amatoWhether or not there’s any truth to that comment is entirely unknown (people can make up anything they want in an internet comment), but what’s odd is Matthew Amato’s profile photo, which features Amato and…Brent Everett’s husband, Steve Peña:

21752729_2379809525578077_4167733932387921880_oThe photo is currently Matthew Amato’s profile photo on Facebook, and it’s not the only picture of him and Brent Everett’s husband. Another:

21731475_2375568686002161_6132512601288123756_o Everett appears to be focused on his cam shows (screencap below), and now the underwear line, and while the Amato photos featuring Steve Peña were uploaded this month, they could’ve been taken at any time, obviously.

DFHdyFEVwAAVni0Everett mentioned Steve Peña on Twitter (Peña’s Twitter is suspended) just last week when he shared a YouTube cooking video that was uploaded on September 14th, so it would appear that they are in fact still a happily married couple. Here they are making pudding together:

  • NickDC

    The last time we heard from Brent on this site he was admitting his meth(?) addiction and now he’s asking for $10,000… Things that make you go “Hmmmm”…

  • Jace
    • With all the tragedies going on with the hurricanes and earthquake you would think he would hold off on asking for 10k so he can live his dreams of launching an underwear line.

    • Ceecee

      Hey, that would be a fair statement in 2007.

  • Schnitzel
  • Steve Pena is currently with his boyfriend in San Diego. At one point he and Brent were not Facebook friends and until recently did they re add each other.

    • R.A.M.J

      I honestly dont even think they are together. I think they are separated. They dont mention each other, only pic together are work related. I got $20 bucks that says Steve wont get clean and Brent left his ass.

      • Brent is with his cop boyfriend and Steve is telling the San Diego guy that he loves him on Facebook. I’m friends with both Steve and Dustin and they recently unfriended each other and then they re added each other. These two are simply business associates and even that is questionable.

        • R.A.M.J

          I agree. I didn’t know they unfriended each other.

        • R.A.M.J

          They barely mention each other. And steve and that Madison guy aren’t going to last. That relationship started off long distance. He’s another Jayson Smith waiting to happen. Watch

        • Ninja0980

          Whatever love they had is long gone and same goes with their business.
          I don’t know who they think they’re fooling anymore either.

      • Marik Ishtar

        I’ll take that bet. My money is that Brent is sick of his shit. The same stuff that was cute when he was young and high aren’t when mature and sober. While trying to get his life together he realized he was still married to a man still living his teenage dream.

        • R.A.M.J

          My thoughts exactly! Brent is trying to stay clean and that is difficult when his husband is more concerened about drinking and partying and making jokes about cocaine use. I understand he came from a small texas town, then went to the navy and never really had a chance to “Have fun”, but he’s knocking on 40 (and his face is showing every bit of it) and some of that shit is not cute. You can’t make up for lost time and he (Steve) is making a fulll of himself and destroying his marriage by trying to. These two are the poster children of what a marriage should NOT be.

          • Matthew

            No you don’t have your facts I wish I could share more but Dustin is not what he appears to be to all his followers

  • gaycuckhubby

    Speaking of porn stars launching onlyfans accounts… any news on Jessie Colters “targeted for murder” allegations?

  • McM.

    First, I think Matthew Amato’s over-sized eyebrows are cute. I want to pet them. I think they’d fell like caterpillars.

    But also that his comment was deleted from the GFM page raises an eyebrow. I can understand wanting to keep negativity away from a fundraiser, however it is fair that potential donors are made aware of past financial mismanagement and grievances.

    Anyway, none of this matters. Andrew Christian already thought up twenty ways to ruin Brent Everett’s business venture.

    • Matthew

      anybody that has any questions you can contact me directly through my Facebook I’ll be happy to share all proof that money is not going to an underwear company and go fund me fees are for people who need to beg special open a company he needs to come up with his own money he owes my bank a lot of money and he’s getting charged with at least a half-dozen charges in Canada and three or four charges in United States

  • sxg

    “I am one of the largest adult entertainers in the world today.”

    Yet you still can’t fund your own underwear line from your website “revenue” and all the money you get paid for appearances. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/39b1f7aa6f21b36d3c741ac79c2fb455ce1c885af5feada4eef729aee65e5a49.gif
    I tried to be supportive of Brent and Steve but with these two… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6f01d609e2c8e44038049c70627cf5f156feff748106b5a76c0dfd9f1537bd68.gif
    Steve is out there yet again finding a side piece yet Brent doesn’t do shit about it. Porn really is a terrible place for the young if you continue to overstay your welcome and you don’t get the education to make something of yourself outside of the industry, and those other industries relating to porn. If you don’t get your shit together Brent, then this will be your future: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5e95a980eecf80f35d292acf1500a675fad7ee23d66b703a86532d6f58dacb87.png

    • Xzamilloh

      Hell the sad part is, most of the gay porn stars in the industry right now are a hop and a skip away from Matt Rush

      Damn shame


    • 15 years doing porn, Members site, Fleshjack, Club appearances, Skype shows, Selling art work, Chanel 1 dildo line, Gay app he promoted, The Cum pills, and he has to ask for 10k to live his “dream” which not too long ago was a gay resort. Yikes!

      • Scrapple

        You can’t knock the hustle. But you can audit the fuck out of those hustled receipts.

        • R.A.M.J

          I like that. Lmao

      • Matthew

        The gay resort was supposed to be funded by me too badly burned his bridges over $5,000 he wanted to be a partner and something he wouldn’t put a dime into.

    • R.A.M.J

      Brent has his side piece too, although he did remove all pics of said side piece after his last trip to calgary to visit the side peace

      • What ever happened to sweet Kamal? Lol

        • R.A.M.J

          He is so last fall. Lol.

  • Xzamilloh

    $10k for an underwear line and two people were stupid enough to donate $300? I’m not even going to have any more evens to can’t after this week of pornstar shenanigans.


  • Pinko of the Grange

    Um no just no.

  • pje821

    Brent has been in the adult business a long time. If he hasn’t saved at least $10,000 to invest in his own business, well, I’m not going to help him. There are at a minimum10,000 more worthy causes to which I could donate.

    • 15 years!

    • Matthew

      That’s why he attempted to use me and the laws going to catch up with him now and his new sugar daddy up in Calgary funny thing is I have alot more money then he does

  • badgamer1967
  • Pertinax
  • WhimsyCotton

    Can we stop for a second and discuss Steve Pena’s PUP hat? I think “Old Yeller” would be more appropriate. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/588759f6074f0758febeea5111d75c86852b89ad9c59495f0f6f7863603f7d75.gif

  • Ninja0980

    You were in the business when they still paid porn stars a decent amount of $$$.
    The fact you haven’t saved any money at all is a good reason not to give you anymore.

  • Jason

    Sooo a clothing line that can only be sold in specialty stores because most places wont like the name. Pass.

    • Marik Ishtar

      Wow, that’s a good point, actually.

  • supertoddalan
  • Maximus
    • Marik Ishtar

      That handwriting is so smooth.

      • Maximus

        Thank you. I spend a lot of time practicing my caligayphry.

  • OverKill
  • Scrapple

    I am one of the largest adult entertainers in the world today.

    And yet you don’t have 10,000 to launch an underwear line?


    Perhaps you should think smaller. Maybe start with socks and work your way up.

    • Xzamilloh

      Maybe not start with socks… he might end up 400 pounds with a baby by Black Chyna


      • Scrapple

        So…Big & Tall socks?

      • Maximus

        I upvoted you for the shade thrown at Rob, even though one couldn’t possibly fail to hit a target that big. Blac Chyna, on the other hand, shall not be shaded, dragged, read, put on blast, etc. on my watch.


        • Xzamilloh

          Gurl, bye… fuck Wack ‘Gina. Her ass looks like a pillow case full of pine cones

          • Maximus

            That may be, but I’m a fan of anyone who’s able to make the Kardashian-Jenners that bothered and pressed.

          • Xzamilloh

            True. She is the posterchild for revenge done right.

      • Mr. X


    • Socks could work, just look at the success that is Rob Khardasian (sp)

      • Scrapple

        So wrong, yet so right.

      • youbitchesneedscience

        and Rob Kardashian actually has a bachelor’s in bidness from USC – and a ridiculously wealthy family to provide seed money – and family connections with national retailers..and …why am i thinking about this?

    • R.A.M.J

      Given all the needless traveling Brent and Steve do to accomadate their side hoes, plus i don’t thinkk they are living together which means two households, and im sure they are still paying brents legal fees to come back to the U.S, i wouldn’t be suprised if they don’t have the money.

      • McM.

        Why can’t Brent Everett come into the U.S. again?

        • R.A.M.J

          He and steve were headed back to S.D from Toronto and got stopped by a border agent at O’hare airport who wouldn’t let him in because if irregularities with his visa. Even though they were legally married, dumb and dumber didn’t make sure Brents visas was squared away before traveling. So he was deported from the country for 5 years.

        • Matthew

          Well now it’s because he committed two felonies on one federal offense

      • Scrapple

        Given the current administration I would think he’d have given up that pipe dream.

  • Usually GoFundMe campaigns increase in donations but Brent took all the backlash as any publicity is good publicity and jacked up the goal to $20,000. ?

  • Eric

    You wonder who the losers are who have contributed the $300 he has raised so far…

    • Matthew

      They are taking they are money out I already spoke to them

  • peter

    Couldn’t interest a Venture Capitalist, I’m guessing

    • youbitchesneedscience

      he probably doesn’t know what those are…

  • RW

    Um… Wow. Okay.

    Wasn’t he charging peeps $300 for Skype shows?

    • And stiffing them but to cover his ass he wrote on twitter that if you paid him to contact him again because he “lost” all his emails.

  • Mr. X

    “I am one of the largest adult entertainers in the world today.” If that is, in fact, a true statement, then why does he need a “GoFundMe” page? Why can’t he just fund himself with all the money he has made being “one of the largest adult entertainers in the world today”? Makes no sense…but then again, he fucks on film for a living (a “profession” that doesn’t really require a lot of brains–just cock).

    • He updated the GoFundMe to not only ask for more money but to throw shade at this great blog as insignificant and claim that he along with “private” investors have all the money in the world to get this so called unoriginal dream started. Bwahahaha

      • But it’s a golden Rooster. like the one on a bottle of soy sauce, don’t you get the genius?

        • All that buddha meditating and new age bullshit and this is what he came up with while coming down from one of his highs at a Chinese restaurant. Smh

          • Matthew

            Yes it is he tried to push that on me

    • maybe he is including his XTube account and sales are slow?

      Good question — 20k buys a low range kia nicely equipped though.

      • Mr. X

        “…sales are slow”? Then he should call the studios and go make a few more videos and collect the money he needs. It should be no problem considering he is “one of the largest adult entertainers in the world today”, right?

  • Hey thats sooo cool, his real name is Dustin and he if from my home town of Calgary too! Full disclosure: guy’s in Calgary really do tend to have big cocks as a rule.

    • Just donate $5 and make his day already! He’s counting on you. =)

      • ROTFLOL I said we were from the same town, not the same womb. $5 is bold commitment.

  • linger4444
  • Baradude
  • Geo Mendez

    Someone actually gave him money?

  • R.A.M.J

    They are not happily married. Dont believe that shit for a second.

    • Christopher W

      Brent and Steve have a fake marriage and I used to think Steve was the shady one but after witnessing Brent’s behaviour during Vancouver Pride and the sad way he basically fell apart because his Calgary Police Service boyfriend told him to stop drugs and being a slut, I can say that nobody should give him a dollar as it will come back dressed up as a penny. Furthermore, Brent had no idea how much money he made each month but only that he had “so many lawyers” and in my years of business, that’s a huge warning sign.

      • R.A.M.J

        You mean vancouver pride 2017? What did he do? Please elaborate?

  • R.A.M.J

    They had $10k to offer Michael Hoffman for one scene but not to start his underwear line? Riiiiiiight.

    • I called out Steve when everyone was praising him for showing the so called receipts. When he showed the text nowhere did he show the actual ones where they supposedly offered 10k. NOWHERE!

      • R.A.M.J

        I believe it. Oddly I believe Hoffman in that

  • Cosmic

    Hmmm…That’s gonna be a pass.

  • Bree Van de Kamp

    If you can’t fund or finance this boondoggle on your own than you shouldn’t do it. You are such a deplorable human almost at the level of a meth head panhandler on the street with this bullshit. Go fuck yourself with your donkey dick and donkey face Brent Everett.

    • R.A.M.J

      I love reading how steve had to get used to brent fucking other people, and the “at the end of the day i know he’s coming home to me”
      Well now he going to a cops house boat while steve fucks every dance at the club and has a side piece in San Diego. These morons are laughable.

  • Matthew

    please everybody get your facts straight feel free to inbox me proof Beyond A Reasonable Doubt I have all the proof of the world police reports bank statement fraud emails and text messages phone calls phone log Skype logs Skype calls everything is on the record mr. Everett AKA Dustin is being prosecuted for fraud. I will not comment on Steve pena as he is picking up the parts that Brent Everett destroyed I suffer from Asperger’s which is a form of autism but they also own my own nonprofit among other things I spent most of my life helping other people more often and not being used for financial gain by other people

  • R.A.M.J

    Id like to point out that Brent and Steves Wedding anniversaries (U.S and Canadian), have come and gone, and they are on separate vacations (nothing new, thats happened before) and niether of them have mentioned as they do EVERY year. I guess its safe to say its over.