[Updated] Brent Everett Launches $20,000 GoFundMe For Underwear Line

Posted September 21, 2017 by with 120 comments

nder[UPDATE: As seen below, Brent Everett has changed the GoFundMe goal. Instead of $10,000, he would now like you to give him $20,000. He’s still only raised $300 of that goal.]


We haven’t had a good gay porn star GoFundMe in what feels like months (maybe everyone is too busy launching OnlyFans accounts?), but we’ve got one today! It’s from gay porn icon Brent Everett, and it’s for an underwear line he’d like to launch called “King Cock Underwear.” Via Brent Everett’s GoFundMe:

I am one of the largest adult entertainers in the world today. I am looking to launch a new underwear line called “King Cock” underwear. Please help me raise money to reach my dream. Money will cover costs associated with design, manufacturing and launching the brand worldwide along with private investment. I would be forever grateful to all of those of you who donate…I will also be keeping track of donators and offering special discounts or offering loyal customer packages in the future when the line is launched as a special  thank you for your support!!!!

So far, the campaign has raised $300, but it’s also received one very negative comment, from someone named Matthew Amato:

amatoWhether or not there’s any truth to that comment is entirely unknown (people can make up anything they want in an internet comment), but what’s odd is Matthew Amato’s profile photo, which features Amato and…Brent Everett’s husband, Steve Peña:

21752729_2379809525578077_4167733932387921880_oThe photo is currently Matthew Amato’s profile photo on Facebook, and it’s not the only picture of him and Brent Everett’s husband. Another:

21731475_2375568686002161_6132512601288123756_o Everett appears to be focused on his cam shows (screencap below), and now the underwear line, and while the Amato photos featuring Steve Peña were uploaded this month, they could’ve been taken at any time, obviously.

DFHdyFEVwAAVni0Everett mentioned Steve Peña on Twitter (Peña’s Twitter is suspended) just last week when he shared a YouTube cooking video that was uploaded on September 14th, so it would appear that they are in fact still a happily married couple. Here they are making pudding together:

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