British Woman Who Posed As Man On Trial For Sexually Assaulting Teen

Posted June 13, 2023 by with 2 comments

Sounds like something that would happen in America, but there are of course plenty of sick freaks in jolly old England, too. This one looks like a sluttier, poor man’s Paris Hilton, and she’s on trial for posing as a man to deceive a 19-year-old girl whom she then sexually assaulted. Allegedly. Many more details at the link, summary of the ongoing trial via BBC:

Georgia Bilham, 21, of Cheshire, denies 17 sexual offences after allegedly deceiving the young woman.

Under cross examination in court, she admitted telling repeated lies to the teenager but said she thought she believed she really was a woman.

Prosecutor Anna Pope said: “You knew she was not going to be sexually attracted to you as Georgia Bilham?”

Ms Bilham replied: “I can’t answer that.”

Ms Pope said sex took place based on the complainant believing she was having sex with a man, but Ms Bilham said she believed she knew she was a female and she did not want to tell her who she really was.

Ms Bilham, who had posed online as George Parry, a man from Birmingham, and wore a hooded top when meeting her alleged victim, said she had always been a bit of a tomboy but had never wanted to change her gender to a boy.

Ms Bilham said she created the online profile because she was “not happy in herself” and that it was an “escape”.

After the pair met, there continued to be an online “love-hate relationship” which became “toxic” at times, the court heard.


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