Britney Spears Assaulted In Las Vegas By Basketball Player’s Security Guard

Posted July 6, 2023 by with 6 comments

How the hell did Britney Spears even know who some random Texas basketball player was, and why would she want a photo with him? Is she an NBA fan? Weird. The slap happened yesterday near a restaurant in Las Vegas as Britney and her crew were entering behind the basketball player and his crew. Via TMZ:

Britney Spears was allegedly assaulted Wednesday night in Vegas, after a member of NBA phenom Victor Wembanyama’s security backhanded her in the face, and she has filed a police report.

Britney and co. walked over to Catch, and as they were entering the restaurant, Britney spotted Victor. We’re told she’s a fan and went over to him to ask if they could take a photo together. She tapped him on his back and we’re told the Director of Team Security for the San Antonio Spurs — the team that drafted Victor last month — instantly backhanded her, causing her to fall to the ground … knocking her glasses off.

Our source says this is indeed a criminal investigation and they are taking the incident “as serious as a heart attack.” The source adds the case will “likely” be referred to the D.A., although that does not mean criminal charges will be filed.


The basketball player seems nice and this obviously wasn’t really his fault, but here he is being questioned about it today, and he doesn’t even say “sorry”:


Britney Spears has released the below statement following the assault, and I’m glad to see her calling them out for not apologizing, not to mention condemning the senseless violence from the thug who hit her. It’s also good that she points out the bizarre press conference where the basketball player was smiling. If he knew someone (Britney Spears or any random person) was pushed or punched behind him, laughing about it while telling people that he then “enjoyed a nice dinner” makes him seem like a sociopath.

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