Broke Straight Boy Trashes Rival Studio: “You Can’t Get Any More Shady Than Dallas Reeves”

Posted August 22, 2014 by with 7 comments

vadim dallasEarlier this year, Russian gay porn star Vadim Black (who sounds like he’s from Chicago, not Eastern Europe) decided to ditch Denver-based studio BrokeStraightBoys, move to Flordia, and sign a new contract with Miami-based studio Turns out, that wasn’t a very good idea.

Now, Vadim Black has gone back to BrokeStraightBoys, and he’s talking about his recent experience for the first time—without mentioning DallasReeves by name, of course; he refers to it as “the other studio.”

According to Vadim (who was recently barebacked by Sebastian Young on, you “can’t get any more shady” than Dallas Reeves. Specifically: Dallas Reeves lied, “tried to buy time,” and was “really, really fake.” Vadim also claims that he was never paid on time, “something bad happened,” and starts to say the word “test” at 10:31, but the interviewer cuts him off. Yikes. His story almost sounds like one of my blind items from last month…

Skip to 7:55 to hear Vadim Black spill some tea about “the other studio,” a.k.a.

Despite going back to BrokeStraightBoys to make some more porn, Vadim isn’t very enthusiastic about the industry or his gay porn career, but (of course) he needs the money! And, BrokeStraightBoys is a “5-star standard” studio, after all.

Here’s one of Vadim Black’s “5-star” scenes.



  • sxg

    He definitely sounds very American, but you notice hints of something about his accent, and the way he talks there are many moments where he looks like he’s trying to find the correct English words for it.

    I remember it took me awhile to figure out that Cain was originally from Romania and emigrated to the US. His English was pretty good and you barely noticed his accent sometimes.

  • One thing I noticed is he keeps saying all these new guys starting at Dallas Reeves but allot if not most of the guys at Dallas Reeves have done scenes for other sites or studios already.

    Sounds like he had a disagreement of some sort with Dallas Reeves and BSB has decided to use it to their advantage. Jonny Forza seems to be happy there and he is form BSB.

  • JJ24

    Another lackluster closest case, that bitches when he doesn’t get his way.

  • Dutch Courage

    I was indeed reminded of the Blind Item that started with “Oooooh Girl”.

  • Hudsonman

    Were his drug issues discovered before or after he made this interview? Geesh, back in the day I heard guys on Special K make more sense.

  • I just want to watch hot guys fuck. I don’t give a rat’s ass about this shit.

  • Bob Bilbert

    I wish one of his models would ask for a test result to see if DR is HIV-Poz so they can sue and send him to jail.